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minecraft mod The Far Lands

The Far Lands

Game Version: 1.8.9
Total Downloads: 5,228
Updated: May 5, 2016
Created: Dec 28, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
The expansion update_1 release 53.79 MB May 5, 2016 1.8.9 3,591 download The Far Lands The expansion update_1 releaseDownload
The expansion update beta 48.79 MB May 5, 2016 1.8.9 130 download The Far Lands The expansion update betaDownload
The release beta 31.40 MB Dec 28, 2015 1.9.2 1,507 download The Far Lands The release betaDownload



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Visit the Edge or Corner Far Lands with these maps!


This is all vanilla and i did not use mods OR plugins for this, it's been generated in Beta 1.5_1 (Only on The release file)



How to get in your Minecraft saves:



Open the folder you have downloaded –> Copy a map –> Tap windows button and type "%appdata%" –> Open roaming folder –> Open .minecraft folder –> Open saves folder –> Paste.




The expansion update has been released!

Here's a FAQ:

Q: Why isn't it compatible for 1.9?


A: It kept crashing when I tested it.


Q: It's laggy! How can I reduce lag?


A: Turn your graphics down. Or download "The release" file.


Q: I have problems with getting it on my worlds!


A: Don't paste the file into your saves. Paste the folder INSIDE it onto your saves.


Q: I want to do a survival let's play but my friend can't join because then it crashes!


A: I told you that this update is >NOT< compatible for multiplayer. However, you can both download it and do a race for who first killed the wither.





1.0 (The release)

 What's new?


+No mods

-Small chunk of the far lands


Explore the far lands that has been legitimately generated inside Beta 1.5_1!

 1.1 (The expansion update)

What's new?

+Expanded the Far Lands a lot (Still not infinite)

+Combined the Corner lands and the Edge lands in 1 map

+Updated the height of the far lands from Y 127 to Y 256

+Updated the x and z coordinates from 13,050,821 to 1000

-Incompatible with multiplayer

– Incompatible with 1.9

-Removed spawn area house

-Expanded using a mod (http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2466806-farlands-bringing-back-the-far-lands-250-downloads)


Explore a whole new expanded far lands with this new updated version!

 1.1_1 (The expansion update_1)

*Fixed that when you die you respawn at the spawn area, not at the far lands. Sorry about that.





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