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minecraft mod Tier 2

Tier 2

Game Version: 1.15.2
Total Downloads: 172
Updated: Jun 22, 2021
Created: Aug 29, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Tier2.Release.3.4.1 release 18.92 MB Jun 22, 2021 1.15.2 8 download Tier 2 Tier2.Release.3.4.1 releaseDownload
Tier2.Release.1.1 - 1.14.4 release 17.25 MB Jan 28, 2021 1.14.4 37 download Tier 2 Tier2.Release.1.1 - 1.14.4 releaseDownload
Tier2.PubBeta.1.1 - 1.15.2 beta 19.98 MB Oct 17, 2020 1.15.2 66 download Tier 2 Tier2.PubBeta.1.1 - 1.15.2 betaDownload
Tier2.PubBeta.1 - 1.15.2 beta 19.82 MB Aug 29, 2020 1.15.2 61 download Tier 2 Tier2.PubBeta.1 - 1.15.2 betaDownload



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+ 50 New mobs

+ 7 Bosses

+ 13 Structures

+ 10 Ores

+ Works on a server


Once you defeat the Ender dragon, empower the egg with a nether star to form the celestial key, once used your world will spawn new stronger; monsters, ores, animals, recipes & structures.


When it comes to the progression it is non-linear starting from the ore you choose to make your armour out of; For efficiency and sharpness you choose Ruby, For durability you choose Tenacium & the wild card Amethyst hosting a higher enchantment yield 5x better than gold. But its not just the combat side of things that have stronger counterparts new plants to harvest with there own unique uses, a new more advanced brewing stand to brew stronger potions. Even down to cooking your food the new grill & catering table will allow you to cook the new meat of the Highland cow & Turkey and add seasonings such as paprika to increase there effectiveness.


A large focus of this mod is the new structures, with unique residents ranging from Yetis to Murderous scientists to Wizards. Obvcourse for defeating such a challenge there needs to be some loot. For most structures they have there own rare set of armours, weapons & artifacts aswell as a common loot pool containing less exclusive but equally powerful armourments. All structure loot is equally powerful but have there own unique modifiers whether thats an AoE lightning strike or Lifesteal, there is a large range of modifers to get on your gear.


An additional end-end-game dimension is planned aswell as a follow up Tier 3 mod at some point

I made this over the 5 month span of my school closing due to Covid 19 and it re-opening.


If you would like more information please join the mods official discord here: https://discord.gg/M9JGWEQ

Made with MCreator








What mines what?
Diamond > Jade + Hexan > Ruby + Tenacium + Amethyst > Endicium + Amerite + Cobalt


What ores use a crystallizer?

Jade, Amethyst, Ruby, Endicium, Amerite


What ores use a foundry only?

Tenacium, Spectirium, Cobalt


What ores use a blast furnace?

Tungsten, Hexan


Why does my Crystallizer/Foundry not work?

A crystallizer needs a Lava container placed next to it (non-diagonally) and hexan salt as a fuel A foundry requires a Lava container in the same position aswell as a chimney on top of it. Foundry's don't require fuel


What does *this* item do that isn't in the creative inventory?

After updating to a new version of mcreator to fix a large bug it broke a lot of code and there fore I had to cut an NPC system which included 3 different factions which you could perform quests for and rise through they're respective ranks. It is a real shame to cut this content but it would take too much time to fix. Some items/features are left over from the NPC build but have no functionality


For more FAQ please check the discord (I tried making a wiki and couldnt figure out how to)



For content creators I believe all boss fight music to be non-copyright but am not 100% sure. Turn off music to be sure


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