Minecraft Top Tier Hats [Datapack] mod 2023 download
minecraft mod Top Tier Hats [Datapack]

Top Tier Hats [Datapack]

Game Version: 1.17
Total Downloads: 11
Updated: Jul 6, 2021
Created: Jul 5, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Top Tier Hats v0.2 beta 5.53 KB Jul 6, 2021 1.17 8 download Top Tier Hats [Datapack] Top Tier Hats v0.2 betaDownload
Top Tier Hats v0.1 beta 6.77 KB Jul 5, 2021 1.17 3 download Top Tier Hats [Datapack] Top Tier Hats v0.1 betaDownload


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Known Bug: May Conflict with certain Datapacks causing them not to work.

Made for Top Tier SMP 1.17+! 


-Adds command “/trigger hat” that will take the item in hand and move to the helmet slot.

-Works great with banners. (Looks similar to Pillager Raid Captains wearing their Banners)



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