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Wicked Mods

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 647
Updated: Oct 28, 2018
Created: Jul 16, 2018

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
wickedfrontier.jar release 382.10 KB Oct 28, 2018 1.12.2 457 download Wicked Mods wickedfrontier.jar releaseDownload



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This mod is still in the test phase and not all features work.


Currently The latest mod is a full release. There are 2 trees, Arcane and Ash that spawn naturally. From them you get weapons and other blocks.


There are also 11 new ores not all of them have a purpose yet but there are some weapons, tools and armor.


The arcane blocks glow, giving you another way to see in the dark.


There are also sets of tools and armor for Redstone, Obsidian, Emerald, and Quarts


Orcs and goblins are still in the works, having to rewrite the render code.


Please let me know whats working and what needs updates. 

Plus if you have any suggestions please post and will work on them.


To work with Veinminer the tool and block code being with wf,

ex: wf:orichalcum_axe


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