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Wireless Item Passaging

Game Version: 1.7.10
Total Downloads: 5,336
Updated: Dec 23, 2014
Created: Dec 23, 2014
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WirelessItemPassaging-1.0.0 (JamOOJam Version).jar release 76.01 KB Dec 23, 2014 1.7.10 5,336 download Wireless Item Passaging WirelessItemPassaging-1.0.0 (JamOOJam Version).jar releaseDownload



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Hey, everyone, Mitchellbrine here, and this is my entry for JamOOJam Alpha. Wireless Item Passaging was a mod created in a 96 hour modding competition called JamOOJam, in which members of the JamOORev community and invitees make a mod in 96 hours. You can get more information about JamOOJam at the link above.

Voting has begun for JamOOJam and ends 12/2 at 7:00 EST. Be sure to vote for it here.

Wireless Item Passaging is a mod that allows wireless item transportation. No longer will you need a bunch of conduits to transport over long distances. Instead, you can create Item Conduits from Wireless Item Passaging, set their locations to pull from using a GPS, and save tons of space! With an easy to use Inventory Type system, addons are simple and painless, letting mod compatibility be as easy as one line of code.

Requires Minecraft Forge 1240 or later!

How to use the GPS:

Once you craft your GPS, you can right-click on any block to set coordinates. You can shift-click any block to set it's coordinates as well (if the block does not open a GUI). To give the coordinates to a Item Conduit, you must right-click (while not shifting). If you get no chat message and the conduit's GUI does not open, you have inputted the coordinates correctly. You can also right-click the conduit with any other item to open it's GUI and check if you inputted the coordinates. Coordinates are displayed in the GPS's lore.

How to use the Item Conduit:

The Item Conduit acts as a wireless hopper. It will take items out of the inventory selected (right-click with a GPS that has coordinates to set the location to pull from). If it is powered by redstone, it will not pull items. It will output to a inventory above and can be inputted and outputted like usual with regular hoppers/pipes. It detects the block it's pulling from for a matching inventory type. There are 5 default vanilla inventory types (Furnace, Chest, Hopper, Brewing Stand, and Dispenser/Dropper). Each inventory type has it's own slots to input and output to.  Upon changing inventory types, the conduit's contents will be dropped onto the ground.

Crafting Recipes:


The crafting recipe for the GPS


Wither-Infused Diamond Block: (Amount of diamond blocks configurable from 1-8)

The crafting of a wither infused diamond block


Wireless Transport Core (Multi-block crafting): (Picture made by Yuuki, a member of JamOORev)


Item Conduit:

Mod Compatibility:

Wireless Item Passaging comes with addons for both Tinker's Construct and Iron Chests naively.


Inventory Types Added:

– Iron Chest (Applies to Copper Chests, Silver Chests, and Dirt Chests as well) [Iron Chests]

– Gold Chest [Iron Chests]

– Diamond Chest (Applies to Crystal Chests and Obsidian Chests as well) [Iron Chests]

– Crafting Station [Tinker's Construct]

– Slab Furnace [Tinker's Construct]

– Smeltery [Tinker's Construct]

How to make an addon for Wireless Item Passaging:

  1. Set up a regular mod environment as usual
  2. Create a libs/ folder and put a deobfuscated version of Wireless Item Passaging in it
  3. Add that deobfuscated version of Wireless Item Passaging to your dependencies in IntelliJ or as an external jar in Eclipse.
  4. Create a new InventoryType. You only need to create a constructor for an inventory type. (There is documentation in the code about the constructor. There is a metadata-sensitive version of the constructor as well.) If the inventory behavior is set to 0 or 1, skip step 6.
  5. If you set the inventory behavior as 2, use the event to set what you want to do with the inventories.
  6. Enjoy!

To Be Added:

– More mod compatibility.

– Update to 1.8

Modpack Info:

I give permission for anyone to use it in their modpack. Don't ask me. Please. If you want to, tell me about your pack so I can promote it!


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