Minecraft xpaintall’s hard difficulty mod 2022 download
minecraft mod xpaintall’s hard difficulty

xpaintall’s hard difficulty

Game Version: 1.17
Total Downloads: 3
Updated: Mar 24, 2022
Created: Mar 24, 2022
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so basically xpaintall’s (my) very hard difficulty is very hard (duh) so it comes to no surprise if you aren’t able to beat Minecraft with it enabled.

I dare you to try doing so.

If you want to enable the difficulty you can just type in:


 and if you want to disable it, you can type


This project is made to make your life a living hell (on purpose), so here’s what it does:



Every 15 seconds, either you get nausea V, blindness  or no potion effects for 10 seconds.


Since I’m a highschool student myself, when you try to enter a bed, you’ll get a very FUNNY message saying: “u forgot ur a highschool student. go back to studying.” This addition is, obviously, very similar to real life.


Since I do not like the fact that Dream in his “how Minecraft challenges are coded” video said that natrually overpowered spawned mobs are stupid and dumb, every zombie has full diamond armor, every skeleton has full dia armor and a punch II bow and all creepers are charged (includes zombified piglins). This is made just to make fighting mobs impossible since personally I think that mobs should be a BIT more difficult to kill.


In real life, if you drop something from a height equivalent of 1.6m, it’s probably going to break. That’s why if you drop an item, it automatically disappears. poof.


The nether is obviously very hot, and I think that wearing armor in it is probably going to make your organs boil. That’s why if you wear armor in the nether you’re going to start burning till you take everything off.


I hate how if you fall from a big height in Minecraft you still have like half health left and are able to walk and do things normally like nothing happened. Soooooo every time you take fall damage you’ll be damaged 5 hearts. Just for fun (✿◠‿◠)


if you get into a liquid form of a block you’re going to get 2 hearts taken from you


Endermen are incredibly easy to fight and find, so that’s why I made it so that every natrually spawned enderman will be invisible and angry at the nearest player.


I really hate parasites, disease and termites, but they are EVERYWHERE, EVEN in you Minecraft world. It’s honestly annoying. That’s why I made it so that if you break a block of any kind, a silverfish, with a very inappropriate name, will be summoned.

It will have:

Speed 6

Resistance 2

Strength 2

so have fun trying to kill that every time you break a block (does not exclude tall grass and tall seagrass) ヽ (◕◡◕) ノ


Honestly I might have went a bit overkill with the difficulty increase, but if you want an actual challenge, set the difficulty in your minecraft world to “hard”.



The only thing I can say is:


Good luck


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