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minecraft mod AdminToolGUI


Game Version: 1.11
Total Downloads: 2,052
Updated: Apr 29, 2017
Created: Feb 22, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
AdminToolGUI V0.03 beta 26.83 KB Apr 29, 2017 1.11 1,740 download AdminToolGUI AdminToolGUI V0.03 betaDownload
AdminTool (V 0.02) alpha 16.86 KB Feb 22, 2017 1.11 285 download AdminToolGUI AdminTool (V 0.02) alphaDownload


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The AdminTool plugin is a plugin that allows

you to open a gui by right-clicking on the admintool, and manage your


 AdminToolGUI V0.03 is out now, with brand new features go check it out! 


  • Ban players in a GUI
  • Kick players in a GUI
  • Change your gamemode in a GUI



  • /admintool get – Gives you the admin tool.
  • /admintool – Shows you some information about the plugin.
  • /unban – Unbans a player if he is banned.

To do:

  • Add more features.
  • Add reasons to the Ban and Kick menu.
  • Make personal menus for a player.
  • Add a /ban command.
  • Add permissions.


V0.01: First release.
V0.02: Bugs fixed.
V0.03: Added features: Mute Player, Freeze Player and Fixed some bugs.


If you have found some bugs please let me now in the comments and i will fix that bugs! 



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