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minecraft mod Aim assistance

Aim assistance

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 3,045
Updated: Oct 27, 2020
Created: Jul 31, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Version 1.4.0 for MC1.16.x release 19.35 KB Oct 27, 2020 1.16.5 2,406 download Aim assistance Version 1.4.0 for MC1.16.x releaseDownload
Version 1.3.0 for MC1.16.X release 18.90 KB Oct 23, 2020 1.16.3 86 download Aim assistance Version 1.3.0 for MC1.16.X releaseDownload
Version 1.2.1 Forge 1.16.x release 18.47 KB Oct 2, 2020 1.16.3 124 download Aim assistance Version 1.2.1 Forge 1.16.x releaseDownload
Version 1.2.0 Forge 1.16.3 release 18.25 KB Sep 11, 2020 1.16.3 116 download Aim assistance Version 1.2.0 Forge 1.16.3 releaseDownload
Version 1.2.0 Forge 1.15.2 release 18.24 KB Sep 5, 2020 1.15.2 139 download Aim assistance Version 1.2.0 Forge 1.15.2 releaseDownload
AimAssistanceMod 1.2.0 (MC1.16.2) release 18.25 KB Sep 5, 2020 1.16.2 42 download Aim assistance AimAssistanceMod 1.2.0 (MC1.16.2) releaseDownload
AimAssistanceMod 1.1.0 (MC1.16.2) release 16.88 KB Aug 25, 2020 1.16.2 27 download Aim assistance AimAssistanceMod 1.1.0 (MC1.16.2) releaseDownload
AimAssistanceMod 1.0.1 (MC1.16.1) release 16.64 KB Aug 1, 2020 1.16.1 73 download Aim assistance AimAssistanceMod 1.0.1 (MC1.16.1) releaseDownload
AimAssistanceMod 1.0.0 (MC1.16.1) release 17.28 KB Jul 31, 2020 1.16.1 31 download Aim assistance AimAssistanceMod 1.0.0 (MC1.16.1) releaseDownload


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Aim Assistance


If you want the mod for a specific version, add a comment below. May be ported to Minecraft <= 1.12 in the future (need to rewrite the config system)

A minecraft mod that helps aiming (at mods, blocks, but not players). Made for newbies or disabled players with difficulties to aim in general. Works great with controllers.

aim mobs demo

aim blocks demo

Works with the Controllable mod!



Forge has still not implemented the HUD to customize mod's settings, so for now, you need to update the settings by hand.
You can change the settings of the mod in the .minecraft/config folder. Then, open aimassistancemod-client.toml and update the values.


The mod has been designed to simplify the gameplay of people with disabilities or people using controllers.

If you play online, make sure that the server allows the use of this mod. It won't work on
other players anyway, so it won't give you a PvP advantage. Also, the server owner can easily
blacklist this mod by blacklisting its id ("aimassistancemod"). I am not responsible for any
misuse of this mod.

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