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Game Version: 1.18.1
Total Downloads: 23
Updated: Jan 4, 2022
Created: Jan 4, 2022
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AngelChest.jar release 1.86 MB Jan 4, 2022 1.18.1 23 download AngelChest AngelChest.jar releaseDownload


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Puts your inventory into a protected chest when you die.

> AngelChest Free will no longer get new features besides bugfixes!
Consider getting the improved premium version of this plugin which has many improvements and will continue to get new features! <

When using Minecraft 1.12, use version 2.22.2


…and may the odds be ever in your favor! Never lose your stuff to looting players again! When you die, an AngelChest is created. The chest will be locked for a configurable amount of time, and then just drops its contents. You can also unlock your chest, for example if you died in company of a friend. The chest will hold your complete inventory including armor slots. Experience or experience levels can also be stored. You can also set the duration per player, just see the groups.example.yml file.

When you rightclick the AngelChest, your inventory will be restored. If not all items can be stored (because you picked something up after respawning), the remaining items will be left in the chest and you can decide which items you want to left behind. Once the chest is emptied or the duration is reached, it will despawn and drop the remaining items.

Players can have more than one AngelChest. They can teleport themself to their chests, or fetch the chests to oneself (see permissions below). You can also set a custom price for teleporting and fetching to use with economy plugins (only if you have Vault installed).

All messages are customizable.


Spawns the AngelChest instead of dropping the items when the player dies.

Your AngelChest will be protected from other players. They cannot break or open it.

Allows you to open other people's protected AngelChests.

Allows you to teleport yourself to your AngelChests using /acinfo, /aclist or /actp

Allows you to teleport your AngelChests to yourself using /acinfo, /aclist or /acfetch

Allows you to run /unlock, /acinfo, /actp and /acfetch for other players' AngelChests

Allows you to reload the config

or /acunlock or /unlockchest
Unlock your existing AngelChests for all other players.

/acinfo or /aclist
Lists all your AngelChests and allows you to unlock them, teleport yourself to them or teleport them to yourself

Allows you to teleport yourself to your AngelChests

Allows you to teleport your AngelChests to yourself

Reloads the config

More commands can be found in the config.yml file.

Source code: https://github.com/JEFF-Media-GbR/Spigot-AngelChestPlus

AngelChest uses bStats to gather statistics. You can disable this by editing the plugins/bstats/config.yml file. View the statistics here: https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/AngelChest

If your language is not yet supported, just change the messages in the config file yourself. We will be happy to include the language in the next update if you send us your translation.

AngelChest works with 1.12 – 1.16!

Default configuration
The configuration file is automatically generated if it does not exist. On every new AngelChest release, the config file will be updated to include the newest options. Your changes will be kept.

You can view the default configuration file here:
– config.yml
– groups.yml
– blacklist.yml (Plus version only)
– graveyards.yml (Plus version only)

API for plugin developers
Information about the AngelChest API can be found here.

You an use placeholders from other plugins in your hologram text. AngelChest also provides some placeholders that you can use in other plugins, see here.




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