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minecraft mod Architecture Plus

Architecture Plus

Game Version: 1.15.2
Total Downloads: 521
Updated: Aug 24, 2020
Created: Aug 24, 2020
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Architecture Plus | Beta 1.0.0 beta 303.65 KB Aug 24, 2020 1.15.2 521 download Architecture Plus Architecture Plus | Beta 1.0.0 betaDownload



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About Architecture Plus

Architecture Plus previously known as Craftable Structures, is a mod that adds structure prefabs that you can craft in a form as an item, that will spawn a structure when you right click a block with a blueprint. Currently there is only 6 structures but more is planed in the future. Every blueprint has a guideline preview where the structure will be placed. And the best feature of all is it comes with a built in anti-grief system that will not spawn the structure if there is non replaceable blocks in the way such as terrain trees, or other structures. We have ignored grass flowers and some other blocks for convenience.

Latest Trailer

YouTube: https://youtu.be/4uMldxVzmUo

Planing Guidelines

  • Green particles indicate the space which the structure will be placed in.
    Purple particles indicate the the direction the structure is facing.

Blueprint Controls

 Sneak + Right-Click Block: 

 Will change the mode of the blueprint. 

 Right-Click Block:

 Will trigger the blueprint mode to activate. 

Crafting Recipes

Empty Blueprint

The base item for crafting filled blueprints.

Empty Blueprint

 Oak Cabin Blueprint

A small prefab house that is made out of oak.

Oak Cabin Blueprint

 Spruce Cabin Blueprint

A small prefab house that is made out of spruce.

Spruce Cabin Blueprint

Birch Cabin Blueprint

A small prefab house that is made out of birch.

Birch Cabin Blueprint

Jungle Cabin Blueprint

A small prefab house that is made out of jungle.

Jungle Cabin Blueprint

Acacia Cabin Blueprint

A small prefab house that is made out of acacia.

Acacia Cabin Blueprint

Dark Oak Cabin Blueprint

A small prefab house that is made out of dark oak.

Dark Oak Cabin Blueprint

Terms Of Use

Mod Packs, Content, Distribution & Copyrights

We do not permit people to copy, use, or distribute the contents of this mods resources (textures, models, sounds, code, or other files in the jar). You may share the mod with a limited number of close friends or bundle our mod in a mod pack so long as a direct link to our mod page is linked where people can read it. Do not re-post our mod on forums or other sites without our permission directly. Lastly, you may use our content in YouTube videos to share screenshots of our mod content or promote our modification to help our fan base grow.


Planed Features

More Structures & Improvements

I have been working on adding more structures and improving the old ones with new details and features. Some things that I will be adding in the future are below.
● Different sized structures
● New structures from different materials.
● New blocks and resources with uses like storage and decoration blocks.
● And much more!


Crafting Overhaul

Some other planned features are for crafting and resources to make blueprints.
● Custom Crafting Station
● Advanced resources for crafting, to balance the cost when building them.


MCreator Mod Support.

External mod support is planned in the future. Adding will take some time to do, but when the crafting system is out of the way. I can start to focus on this and new structures.
● Using external mod resources for crafting (Allowing other mod developers to tap into this mod for crafting.)
● Potential support for replacing the structure blocks with external mod blocks (This may require redesigning the old structure and compete for an overhaul of the mod.) We will do this if it's possible.


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