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Game Version: 1.17
Total Downloads: 5
Updated: Jul 8, 2021
Created: Jul 8, 2021
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BanWave is a plugin that allows you to add and remove players to and from a list. You can specify an interval for which every player in that list will have the command specified in the config be executed on them or you can forcefully execute the command on the players in that list.

How to use
1. Download the plugin.
2. Open your server's plugin folder.
3. Copy or move the jar file into the folder.
4. Reload or restart the server.
5. Enjoy BanWave!

1. '/banwave add' – Add a player to the BanWave.
2. '/banwave remove' – Remove a player from the BanWave.
3. '/banwave force' – Loops through all players in the BanWave and executes the command in the config on them.
4. '/banwave list' – Gives you a list of players in the BanWave.
5. '/banwave clear' – Removes all players from the BanWave.
6. '/banwave info' – Gives you some generic information about the plugin.
7. '/banwave reload' – Reloads the config.

1. 'banwave.add' – Allows anyone with this permission to add players to the BanWave. (default: op)
2. 'banwave.remove' – Allows anyone with this permission to remove players from the BanWave. (default: op)
3. 'banwave.force' – Allows anyone with this permission to force a BanWave to execute. (default: op)
4. 'banwave.list' – Allows anyone with this permission to get a list of all players in the BanWave. (default: op)
5. 'banwave.clear' – Allows anyone with this permission to clear the BanWave. (default: op)
6. 'banwave.info' – Allows anyone with this permission to get generic plugin information. (default: op)
7. 'banwave.reload' – Allows anyone with this permission to reload the config. (default: op)
8. 'banwave.alerts' – Allows anyone with this permission to receive alerts. (default: op)

Additional Features
Since the BanWave list is stored in memory, to ensure it doesn't get lost after a server reload/restart the list will get saved to a file called queued-bans.txt. The plugin will attempt to retrieve the list from this file on server startup. Player UUID's are used and not names.

Find any bugs? Message my bukkit and I will fix them.
Have a suggestion? Leave them in the reviews below.


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