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minecraft mod BetterWhitelist


Game Version: 1.8
Total Downloads: 790
Updated: Jul 10, 2015
Created: Jul 10, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
BetterWhitelist v1.0 release 6.02 KB Jul 10, 2015 1.8 790 download BetterWhitelist BetterWhitelist v1.0 releaseDownload


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BetterWhitelist is a simple improvement for the normal whitelist.

Now, you can set the message which will be shown when the whitelist is active and someone tries to join the server!

Commands and Permissions

It's the same like the normal whitelist.

/whitelist <add | remove | list> [player] – Adds, removes a player or shows all players on the whitelist

/whitelist msg <text> – Sets the text, which will be schown to users, who try to join.

/whitelist reload – Reloads the config file.

You can give admins the permission 'whitelist.manage', so they can add and remove players to / from the whitelist and change the message.

Also there's a permission 'whitelist.bypass', which allows a player to join the server without being on the whitelist!

How to setup

All is self-explaining, just copy the BetterWhitelist.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server.


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