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Game Version: CB 1.6.2-R0.1
Total Downloads: 2,340
Updated: Sep 1, 2013
Created: Jun 14, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
BlockRunner v0.9 Beta beta 30.63 KB Sep 1, 2013 CB 1.6.2-R0.1 1,281 download BlockRunner BlockRunner v0.9 Beta betaDownload
BlockRunner v0.8 Beta beta 28.43 KB Aug 6, 2013 CB 1.6.2-R0.1 223 download BlockRunner BlockRunner v0.8 Beta betaDownload
BlockRunner v0.7.1Beta beta 25.31 KB Jul 28, 2013 1.6.2 229 download BlockRunner BlockRunner v0.7.1Beta betaDownload
BlockRunner v0.7Beta beta 24.97 KB Jul 9, 2013 1.6.2 202 download BlockRunner BlockRunner v0.7Beta betaDownload
BlockRunner v0.6Beta beta 24.80 KB Jul 2, 2013 CB 1.5.2-R1.0 218 download BlockRunner BlockRunner v0.6Beta betaDownload
BlockRunner v0.5Beta beta 24.52 KB Jun 16, 2013 CB 1.5.2-R1.0 187 download BlockRunner BlockRunner v0.5Beta betaDownload



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What is it?

BlockRunner is a mix between parkour and a puzzle game, where the goal is to reach the end of the level by jumping around and using the block(s) given to you. These blocks allow for a whole new dimension to parkour, since the block only stays for a specific amount of time. You have to parkour, puzzle, think and react quickly to get to the end of the level, without falling!

How does it work?

Players join the game by using the join command (more at: "Commands"). Players have to use the blocks given to them to reach the end of the level. If a player hits water, he/she will be teleported back to the spawn of the level they are currently in. If the player falls into the void without hitting water, he/she will advance to the next level, or win the game if there are no more levels. The spawn of each level is set by an operator beforehand. This spawn point will be saved in a config file. Each level has a unique id, linking to the spawn point and the gamemode of that level. Custom gamemodes can be created which allow for different amounts of blocks given, and different timings of block disappearance and givebacks. This allows each level to possibly require a different method of approach.

How to progress in a level

Diamond Block Player progresses to next level
Player in Void Player progresses to next level
Gold Block Checkpoint
Water Player retries at start of the level or at a checkpoint
Lava Player restarts from level 1

A possible level design (v0.5Beta):

BlockRunner Level


  • Customisable:
    • Blocks
    • Levels
    • Block remove and retreval times
    • Prizes
    • Music
    • Gamemodes
  • Easy to setup, out of the box operation
  • A lot of operator commands, for high-level customisation
  • Frequent updates, bugfixes and new features (suggested by YOU! =D)
  • Support from the dev, in any way possible


(<> = optional, [] = required)

Command Description Permission
/blockrunner help <page> Display the help page blockrunner.help
/blockrunner join Join the game blockrunner.join
/blockrunner leave Leave the game blockrunner.leave
/blockrunner music Toggle music play blockrunner.music
/blockrunner setworld Sets the current world to the world where the levels are located blockrunner.admin.setworld
/blockrunner setspawn <id> <gamemode> Sets the spawn to a level, where id is the unique level id blockrunner.admin.setspawn
/blockrunner setprize [level-id] <amount> <item-id> <data-value> Add a prize for players to receive on completing a level blockrunner.admin.setprize
/blockrunner gamemode list Lists the availible gamemodes blockrunner.admin.gamemode.list
/blockrunner gamemode modify [gamemode] [data] [value] Modifies the given setting of the specified gamemode to the value given blockrunner.admin.gamemode.modify
/blockrunner reload Reloads the config blockrunner.admin.reload
/blockrunner reload all Reloads the complete plugin blockrunner.admin.reload

Configuration file

Mostly this file doesn't need any modifications, since pretty much everything can be modified in-game and it works out-of-the-box. However, for those of you who do want to mod the config file, I'll explain the main features.

block: 35
        amount: 1
        time: 20
        return: 20

Block defines the block the player is given to play the game with. These can only be placeable blocks, and they cannot feature a data value.
World defines the worldname where all the levels are located.
Levels defines the storage of level spawns created in-game. Once a level has been created, it will feature the unique level ID, spawn location and gamemode.
Gamemode defines all the availible gamemodes and their settings. In this case, default is the name, and the settings underneath that are gamemode specific settings. Amount equals the amount of blocks given to the player, Time equals the time the block stays in the world before disappearing, and Return equals the time for the block to return back into the inventory of a player. Time and Return are specified as ticks, where 20 ticks = 1 second. Time and Return are related to the block place, meaning that in this case, the block disappears after 1 second and is given back after 1 second when the block was placed.

Future features

  • Option to show debug info in config
  • Song playlist/multiple song looping
  • Deny command usage when in-game, except for whitelisted commands
  • Save function(added in 0.9 Beta)
  • Gui related something
  • Customisable prizes(added in 0.8 Beta)
  • More gamemode settings
  • Ability to create gamemode in-game
  • Leave game when switching worlds(added in 0.7.1Beta)
  • Checkpoints(added in 0.6Beta)
  • More methods of finishing a game(added in 0.6Beta)

Known bugs

  • 0.9 Beta
    • #3: Possible loophole where players are able to get back into the level after quiting the blockrunner game when using essentials' /back
  • 0.8 Beta
    • #2: '/br reload all' buggy when players are in game, some of these players will parially leave the blockrunner game, others might not. If the error is thrown, the plugin stops reloading, but is still usable.
  • 0.7.1B
    • #1: When a player falls in lava, and a checkpoint is set, the player level will be set to 1, but the player will respawn at the checkpoint. Once a player finishes the level it will teleport to level 2.


(+: Addition, =: Bugfix, -: Removal)

  • v0.9 Beta:
    • +: Continue in the level you were when you left the game.
    • =: Level data would not always be displayed.
    • =: Bug #2
  • v0.8 Beta:
    • +: Customisable prizes per level
    • +: Config and Plugin reloading
    • =: Creating a level spawn without id being a number too low
    • =: Bug #1
  • v0.7.1Beta:
    • +: Player now leaves the game when switching worlds
    • +: Player now starts at level 1 again when touching lava
  • v0.7Beta:
    • +/=: Updated code to 1.6.2 with bukkit's changed health system
    • =: Possible memory leak issues
  • v0.6Beta:
    • Added checkpoints: Stand on a gold block, and it will set your checkpoint
    • Added new Level progresser: Stand on a diamond block to progress to the next level
    • Removed unnecessary code
  • BlockRunner v0.5Beta:
    • First release


If you like this plugin and if you want to aid me with creating other plugins, please consider a donation. It would really help with creating future plugins =).



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