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Game Version: 1.8.1
Total Downloads: 47,980
Updated: Apr 16, 2015
Created: May 6, 2014
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
MoreEnchants+ v2.0 release 53.99 KB Apr 16, 2015 1.8.1 36,101 download MoreEnchants+ MoreEnchants+ v2.0 releaseDownload
MoreEnchantsPlus v1.7.2 release 35.27 KB Jul 10, 2014 CB 1.7.2-R0.3 8,877 download MoreEnchants+ MoreEnchantsPlus v1.7.2 releaseDownload
MoreEnchantsPlus v1.7.1 release 35.51 KB Jul 7, 2014 CB 1.7.2-R0.3 850 download MoreEnchants+ MoreEnchantsPlus v1.7.1 releaseDownload
MoreEnchantsPlus v1.5 release 7.81 KB Jul 1, 2014 CB 1.7.2-R0.3 1,246 download MoreEnchants+ MoreEnchantsPlus v1.5 releaseDownload
MoreEnchantsPlus v1.0 release 7.14 KB Jun 26, 2014 CB 1.7.2-R0.3 906 download MoreEnchants+ MoreEnchantsPlus v1.0 releaseDownload



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More Enchants+ v2.0!

Introducing More Enchants Plus! This plugin adds 12 new enchantments to Minecraft! All enchantments act like regular enchantments and are obtained by enchanting items in an enchantment table. All enchants have configurable EXP level costs and rareness.

  • AS OF 2.0
  1. Poison
  2. Fire-Infused
  3. Water-Infused
  4. Knowledge-Infused
  5. Elemental
  6. Wither
  7. Ice
  8. Speed
  9. Saturation
  10. Magic-Resistant
  11. Friendly


  • /mep alter

Display help for building alters

  • /mep <Enchantment>

Display information on provided enchantment

  • /mep <Enchantment> <Level>

The level is only for knowledge infused

  • /mep update

OP Only command, updates plugin to newest version


  • mep.enchant – Basic permission, allows for users to enchant with custom enchantments
  • mep.command – Allows access to the /mep <Enchantment> <Level> command
  • mep.update – Allows access to the /mep update command to auto-update

Tutorial (OUT OF DATE)


  • chance_for_…: – Chance to enchant an item with the given enchantment. ( x% ) #
  • min_exp_cost_for_…: – Minimum exp cost for enchantment. ( x Levels ) #
  • max_level_for_…: – Maximum level for enchant, may not affect all items. ( x Level ) #
  • canUpdate: Enables/Disables auto-updating
  • metrics: Enables/Disables plugin metrics

Plugin Metrics

This plugin has plugin metrics enabled by default. Plugin metrics collects anonymous data from the server like player count, OS, CPU details and other important stuff. A full list and details about what plugin metrics collects can be found HERE. It is greatly appreciated if you keep plugin metrics enabled, but it is 100% your choice.


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Known Bugs

None 🙂

Metrics Stats


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