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minecraft mod Blueys Snackimadoodles

Blueys Snackimadoodles

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 303
Updated: Apr 8, 2021
Created: Dec 17, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Snackimadoodles 1.0.3 release 982.67 KB Apr 8, 2021 1.16.5 204 download Blueys Snackimadoodles Snackimadoodles 1.0.3 releaseDownload
Snackimadoodles 1.0.2 release 982.49 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 51 download Blueys Snackimadoodles Snackimadoodles 1.0.2 releaseDownload
Snackimadoodles 1.0.1 release 947.23 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.15.2 16 download Blueys Snackimadoodles Snackimadoodles 1.0.1 releaseDownload
Snackimadoodles 1.0.0 release 748.87 KB Jan 10, 2021 1.15.2 9 download Blueys Snackimadoodles Snackimadoodles 1.0.0 releaseDownload
bsnacks001 beta 41.06 KB Dec 17, 2020 1.15.2 23 download Blueys Snackimadoodles bsnacks001 betaDownload



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Welcome to Blueys Snackimadoodles!


Click here to go to the website host of all of Bluey's Mods and more!



This is part three of the Bluey's Mod Bundle.



This mod adds food items from the following categories:

+ Bakery

+ Butcher

+ Pastry

+ Grill


The usual suspects that most food mods say "its good enough as is", where there is only 10 features and it's over. Not this time.

This time, this mod will add tons more food items, along with some classic 1.7.10 modding like features, you know, realistic texture food? Yes, it may not be preferred, but this is for a smaller audience of players. Some stuff may be pixelated for you other players out there with the "Minecrafty" looking modded features. I'll try to match that along with the stuck out features for a balanced mod, just give me time to do so. 🙂


And a few other items will be included as well.

All, which of course, include variants and toppings that can stack up to 64 in one inventory slot.

Never go hungry again!

Suggested mods to download with this one: Blueys Thingamajigs and Blueys Propamajoogles.



This mod contains 'branded content'. Old mods used to do this because people wanted branded content in their worlds. Other's today wouldn't dare to repeat the old past mistakes of making uneven textured items. The problem is, most Minecraft city builders might want these branded foods in their world. As such, I do not condone the use of this mod to advertise, copy brand names, or anything for my own personal gain. This mod won't profit in anyway (unless stated here), but the mod Thingamajigs is not included in that statement. Certain known brands won't be included due to personal reasons, and location relevance. If those companies want to gain something from this mod, something might be able to work out, as long as it doesn't mean the mod has to have ads in it or something silly. If you own food companies, you should go to the 'food company rules' page, inquery about ceasing mod development, or allowing your page to be advertised clearly on the front of this mod's description page. I do not own any of the textures sources that were used in this mod to make the pixelated textures, however I did make the pixelated images from the sources that were not mine originally. I do not claim any credit but the implementation of the food features. Please make a note of this.


Do not show this mod off in a spotlight without knowing the risks you take by doing that. Also, do not download this mod unless you absolutely need branded items in addition to some extra Minecrafty items. Go download another mod if that's your focus and favorite type of mod. Otherwise, this is the mod for you.




"I hope you enjoy this food mod." – CreativeMasterBonin


Do not repost this mod, otherwise your website may end up on the "StopModReposts" GitHub as a 'naughty website'.

Do not download from reposter websites, as they may contain malicious versions of mods. Those website's versions of my mods are not mine, nor do I ever condone the use of such mods.


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