Minecraft Catch Entity Ball – Pokeball like (Pokemon) mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Catch Entity Ball – Pokeball like (Pokemon)

Catch Entity Ball – Pokeball like (Pokemon)

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 5,793
Updated: Nov 29, 2020
Created: Nov 29, 2020
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MinecraftMod 1_16_4 Catch Enty Ball.jar release 52.34 KB Nov 29, 2020 1.16.5 5,793 download Catch Entity Ball – Pokeball like (Pokemon) MinecraftMod 1_16_4 Catch Enty Ball.jar releaseDownload



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Catch Entity Ball Mod adds a Ball that can be thrown at any Mob/Creature and Animal to Catch it into a spawn egg, so it is possible to transport it to any place in the world while u have the egg in your Inventory. It's easier to build a Animal Farm or something else,



– you no longer run the risk of losing special wild animals - especially miles away from home

- tame a Animal when you have the time  for it

– carry any Villager/Pillager to your target location, faster build a Villager farm

– carry any Nether Mob to the overworld^^

– can be fired withDispender


– if you shoot a Animal/Mob with name-Tag or a tamed one it will los it. And has to be tamed once again.




That's the recipe:

 The recipe


You can also find the pattern of the recipe in the Mod description in game



Automate the catching with a Dispenser and a pressure plate


Example: Turns a hitted Cow into a Cow Spawn Egg:



HowTo: Run it on a Server 

simply put the mod .jar in the "mods" folder within in your Forge 1.16.x Server folder

Path: –> Server –> mods –> MOD_NAME.jar



Supported versions: 








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