Minecraft Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x]

Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x]

Game Version: 1.19
Total Downloads: 3,394,599
Updated: Jun 8, 2022
Created: Jul 15, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Clarity 1.19 release 19.82 MB Jun 8, 2022 1.19 0 download Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] Clarity 1.19 releaseDownload
Clarity 1.18 release 35.59 MB Dec 4, 2021 1.18.2 334,816 download Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] Clarity 1.18 releaseDownload
Clarity 1.17 release 35.55 MB Aug 10, 2021 1.17.1 334,204 download Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] Clarity 1.17 releaseDownload
Clarity 1.16 release 17.76 MB Feb 28, 2021 1.16.5 705,488 download Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] Clarity 1.16 releaseDownload
Clarity 1.15 release 17.49 MB Jun 30, 2020 1.15.2 36,726 download Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] Clarity 1.15 releaseDownload
Clarity 1.11 & 1.12 release 8.87 MB Jun 29, 2020 1.12.2 380,462 download Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] Clarity 1.11 & 1.12 releaseDownload



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About Clarity

Clarity 32x brings pixel-perfection to an entirely new level. Every single block and item is thoroughly thought out to bring the perfect balance of realism and traditionalism, while still maintaining Minecraft's block-by-block core. The resolution of 32x allows for greatly increased clarity and detail over standard Minecraft, yet it embraces the game's blocky nature, in turn allowing it to run on even low powered systems. The experience is truly cohesive and deliberate, and greatly enhances a wide variety of build styles. 

Clarity is built for Minecraft 1.16, with legacy versions also available. 

Clarity is now also available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (PE).

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  • Finely crafted block, item, mob, and environment textures
  • Revamped GUI with much cleaner menus, buttons, title and a beautiful new title screen background
  • Increased font resolution for easier reading
  • Custom sky with realistic clouds – no shaders needed
  • Easy, free, ad-free installation

Note: For the custom clouds to work, you must have Optifine or equivalent mod installed. You can turn them off by going to Options > Video Settings > Quality > Custom Sky: Off

Additional Information

Credit goes to:

  • Continuum Graphics for Continuum Shaders
  • d3fin3d for HD Minecraft Font
  • octarine_noise for Better Foliage Mod
  • makapuchii for Modern House

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  • You may personally use and modify the pack
  • You may show the pack in videos or screenshots which are shared online, as long as you link to this page in the description
  • You may share and distribute the download links provided by myself
  • You may not redistribute the pack using your own download client, or redistribute elements of the pack in any form without direct permission from myself
  • You may not claim ownership of any elements of the pack
  • If you create a page discussing/reviewing this resource pack, please include my username, as well as a link to this page. You must also comply with rule 4. 


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