Minecraft Dirt path texture fix mod 2022 download
minecraft mod Dirt path texture fix

Dirt path texture fix

Game Version: 1.17
Total Downloads: 58
Updated: Jun 18, 2021
Created: Jun 18, 2021
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Earlier Versions

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DirtPathTextureFix_1.0.zip release 25.96 KB Jun 18, 2021 1.17 58 download Dirt path texture fix DirtPathTextureFix_1.0.zip releaseDownload


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Dirt path texture fix

This is a small pack which redirects the dirt path block to use "grass_path" textures instead. Why? Well, Mojang decided to change the name of this block in 1.17, which means some older texture packs won't work. It will just show the vanilla texture instead. This pack can be loaded on top of other packs as a "compatibility layer" to fix this issue. If you use the Respackopts mod, you can also disable random rotations in the resource pack's config menu. Respackopts links: CF | Modrinth


Example using Breeze16 resource pack


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