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Dryad Origin

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 43
Updated: Jul 1, 2021
Created: Jun 23, 2021
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A dryad based Origins Mod addon


In game Description:
"The mystical child of an ancient tree, beloved by nature"


List of abilities and descriptions:
Sturdy Skin

Even without wearing armor, your skin provides nature protection.
(From the base Origins mod)


Being one with wood means that you get waterlogged while in water, stiffening and slowing your movements, but being a child of an ancient tree allows you to absorb the water to survive instead of only needing air

(Custom from this addon)

Wood Walker (toggle ability)

As a child of an ancient tree, wood of all types allows you to pass unhindered, but you are greatly weakened and unable ot cause harm to any creature while in this state

(Custom from this addon)

Primative Diet

Having been once part of an ancient tree, you are unused to a processed diet and con not even bring yourself to consume any food that has been processed in some ways

(Custom from this addon)

Wooden Constitution

Being born from an ancient tree means that you do not feel unnatural hunger, but effects that harms plants do so to you more strongly



Requires the use of the base Origins mod found here: Origins Mod


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