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Dual Tools

Game Version: 1.6.2
Total Downloads: 948
Updated: Sep 22, 2013
Created: Sep 22, 2013
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DualTool_Mod_1.6.2_.zip release 147.59 KB Sep 22, 2013 1.6.2 948 download Dual Tools DualTool_Mod_1.6.2_.zip releaseDownload


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Have you ever wanted a mod that mixes tool? This is mod is what you need. It makes it so the average player can make tool heads and then use those to create tools with the ability of both tool heads. No longer do you need five tools but instead you can mix tools and cut that number down. Tool heads also can be used to make vanilla tools. Dual Tools are all shapeless recipes that require two tool heads an iron rod, and any type of smith's hammer. All the Dual tools are now implemented except there are none made of wood because wood is not moldable by a hammer. Added in a smith's hammer that is used to make all tool heads. Wood tool heads will not be implement(unless people really want them) All IDs are now changeable through config file

*Diamond, Gold, Iron, and Stone dual tools implemented*

Hey Guys if you have any suggestions on what i should add next please post a comment and i will look into adding it if i like the idea

Dual tools mod has been reborn and more has been added plus tons to come!!! 🙂

Download Process:

1. Install minecraft forge

2. download my mod and put it in the mods folder

Images of whats added:

Tool Heads

Dual Tools


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