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Durmstrang Institute

Game Version: 1.17.1
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Updated: Aug 29, 2021
Created: Aug 29, 2021
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Durmstrang Institute is a school of magic appearing in the
Harry Potter and the Wizarding World series of books, films and lore. It is located somewhere in Northern Europe, although the exact location is never disclosed. The school is enchanted so that is unplottable on any map, and is much smaller than the more known Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only being 4 storeys tall. It is also worth noting that fires are only lit for magical purposes, despite the school being located in cold climates, surrounded by lakes and mountains. Durmstrang Institute is infamous for its teaching of the Dark Arts, as well as being known to not accept Muggleborn students.

Notable people include:


Viktor Krum
The beloved seeker of Bulgaria's national Quidditch team. He was also one of the four champions competing during the 1994-1995 Triwizard Tournament held at Hogwarts.


Igor Karkaroff
The headmaster of Durmstrang Institute during Krum's study at the school and during the Triwizard Tournament of 1994-1195, in which Durmstrang was one of the three schools participating. Karkaroff was also a Death Eater and was at one point sent to Azkaban Prison.


Gellert Grindelwald
An ex-student at the school who, in his early life, became close friends with Albus Dumbledore. Later on, Grindelwald became one of the most notorious, most dangerous dark wizards in the world. He and Dumbledore took part in their great duel, famous within the Wizarding World.


I have based the map on Durmstrang Institute and built it to be as close to the
descriptions of the school in the books and lore as possible. Having limited information, however, I added features to make the place more interesting and magical, again, basing most of it on what is in the books.
The map includes the vessel the students used to travel to Hogwarts in the 4th
Harry Potter book. You will also find the school Quidditch pitch. The buildings in the castle are all up to 4 storeys tall, though all of them are levelled differently. Room signs are in both English and Bulgarian, not to mention other small details and little Easter Eggs. And those are just some of the many features.


– You may use this map for any purpose, be it roleplay, server, survival, etc.
– You may NOT claim the map as your own.
– You may modify the map slightly, as long as you keep the README book


Dom Musial / WaterSpace




Dom Musial / WaterSpace


Although the majority of custom art is made by me (Dom), some resources I may have used are the creation of a different artist. They would most likely be found online, and being blind (severely sight impaired), it is very difficult for me to source specific content I may have used. Art not created by me is credited to the respective owner/artist.




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