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Earthruby Expansion

Game Version: 1.18.2
Total Downloads: 27
Updated: Jun 28, 2022
Created: Jun 14, 2022
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Earthruby Expansion v.2 1.18.2 release 137.98 KB Jun 28, 2022 1.18.2 1 download Earthruby Expansion Earthruby Expansion v.2 1.18.2 releaseDownload
Earthruby Expansion 1.18.2 release 141.40 KB Jun 14, 2022 1.18.2 26 download Earthruby Expansion Earthruby Expansion 1.18.2 releaseDownload



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This is Earthruby Expansion

This mod is an Expansion mod for my own mod named: Jeremy3463’s Earth mobs.

Of course you can use this mod if you don’t installed Jeremy3463’s Earth mobs, but i recommend you to download the other mod too.

I made this mod in only 24 hours so if you find any bugs or glichtes when you using this mod please tell me in the comment section.


This are the new tools that i added to earthruby in this mod. 

You can craft this all with earthruby and earthrubyrite so will see how to craft it below this text

All the tools have 2400 durability.

Sword do 9 Damage to enimies

The Axe do 9,5 Damage to enimies

The Pickaxe, the shovel and the hoe aren’t important to fight if you want to know how much damage

they do you need to play this mod 😀


Yes these things are blocks, that YOU can find or craft in this Expansion mod.

The Earthruby Block is an block that you can craft with nine Earthrubys in Crafting Table. This Block is just decoration for your house [Maybe I’ll update the block]

The Stone Earthruby ore can generate in the Overworld from Y: 64 to Y: 0 and can drop 1-3 Earthrubys.

The Deepslate Earthruby ore can generate in the Overworld from Y: -2 to Y: -64 and can drop 1-3 Earthrubys.



This are the new food sources, oh wait there is only one food source 😀

This is The Earthruby Juice it will fill you 3 to 4 hungerbars, the recipe is below this text (it might be very tiny)



You can use any type of water bottles to craft this juice


Removed Removed Earthruby storage bag in v.2


Download The Other mod



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