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Game Version: 1.16
Total Downloads: 758
Updated: Aug 2, 2020
Created: Mar 22, 2019
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Calculator is a powerful & lightweight plugin that allow you to directly use a calculator in your chat.
Simply use = before your operation and the plugin will calculate and show you the result.
Adding a @ before will broadcast the result.
The plugin will fail silently if the operation isn't correct.
Working with any version of bukkit/spigot/paper…
Operations supported & rules:
General operations:
Format: =Number[+-*/]Number([+-*/]Number…∞)
Exemple: '=2+2' will show '4'.
Exemple: '=2+2+2' will show '6'.
You can use + for addition.
You can use  for substraction.
You can use * & x for multiplication.
You can use / & : for division.
You can use % for modulo.
Functions operations:
Format: =[sin|asin|cos|acos|tan|atan|sqrt|ln|log|exp|pow2|pow3|fac|rnd](Number)
Exemple: '=sqrt(9)' will show '3'.
You can use sin for sinus.
You can use asin for arcsine.
You can use cos for cosinus.
You can use acos for arccosine.
You can use tan for tangent.
You can use atan for arctangent.
You can use sqrt for square root.
You can use ln for natural logarithm.
You can use log for logarithm base 10.
You can use exp for exponential.
You can use pow2 for power2(^2)
You can use pow3 for power3(^3)
You can use fac for factorial. (!)
You can use rnd for random. (give a random number between 0 & the number entered)

General rules:
-> Numbers can be decimals, using dots (.) or commas (,), and negative, using –
-> If the result contains decimals, it will return rounded result with 2 decimals
-> You can use multiple calculations in a single chat message, just respect the format
-> Adding any spaces in the format will cancel the calculation
-> Adding a '@' at the beginning of the message will send the result only to the sender
  • calculator.use – allow using the calculator (default: OP)
For any bugs/questions/suggestions: -> PM me here or on discord (Andross#5254)
If you like this plugin, please rate it and/or leave a comment! Thanks! :)
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