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Fabric Armor

Game Version: 1.16.2
Total Downloads: 1,066
Updated: Aug 22, 2020
Created: Jul 10, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
fabric-armor-1.2.1.jar release 28.92 KB Aug 22, 2020 1.16.2 190 download Fabric Armor fabric-armor-1.2.1.jar releaseDownload
fabric-armor-1.2.0.jar release 31.99 KB Jul 29, 2020 1.16.1 52 download Fabric Armor fabric-armor-1.2.0.jar releaseDownload
fabric-armor-1.1.0.jar release 31.96 KB Mar 12, 2020 1.15.2 135 download Fabric Armor fabric-armor-1.1.0.jar releaseDownload
fabric-armor-1.0.1.jar release 39.70 KB Jul 12, 2019 1.14.3 666 download Fabric Armor fabric-armor-1.0.1.jar releaseDownload
fabric-armor-1.0.0.jar release 39.70 KB Jul 10, 2019 1.14.3 23 download Fabric Armor fabric-armor-1.0.0.jar releaseDownload



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NOTE: This is my first mod, so don't be surprised if there's a bug or two somewhere.

Requires Fabric API.

Includes Fabric as an item as well as an armor set based on that item. Pretty self explanatory.

Durability on the armor is the same as chainmail, basically allowing for crafting chainmail armor.

Also, right clicking Fabric makes a noise (leftover from the wiki code)

The recipe for Fabric is in the images and the armor recipes are the exact same as normal ones (except with Fabric, of course.) They also unlock in the recipe book whenever you get wool or fabric. (Wool unlocks Fabric, Fabric unlocks armor.)


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