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minecraft mod Elytra Hopping

Elytra Hopping

Game Version: 1.16.2
Total Downloads: 3,855
Updated: Aug 31, 2020
Created: Aug 31, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
0.1.0 beta 20.93 KB Aug 31, 2020 1.16.2 3,855 download Elytra Hopping 0.1.0 betaDownload


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This mod adds a new way to use the elytra. By pressing the jump key when hitting the ground, you bounce off and gain additional speed.


While it makes travelling without fireworks more viable (and fun), it doesn't make them completely obsolete – hopping is slower and requires land to bounce on.


(note: this is already kinda possible in vanilla if you jump right after landing, this mod just makes it more consistent and accessible)


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