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Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 3,407
Updated: Jun 9, 2021
Created: Jun 8, 2021

Earlier Versions

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factoriores-1.1.jar beta 229.60 KB Jun 9, 2021 1.16.5 3,343 download FactoriOres factoriores-1.1.jar betaDownload
factoriores-1.0.jar beta 228.01 KB Jun 9, 2021 1.16.5 64 download FactoriOres factoriores-1.0.jar betaDownload



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FactoriOres is a mod which adds special ore deposits and machines which can automatically mine them, inspired by the game Factorio.



Ore Deposits: lake-sized patches of special ore blocks which each contain multiple products. For example, a coal deposit block might contain 10 coal items, waiting to be manually mined or automatically extracted

Sulfur: a resource found in ore deposits which can be mined and crafted into blocks of sulfur, which can then be set on fire to produce sulfuric acid, which is a liquid that damages non-skeleton-type mobs

Gangue: a type of stone which generates around ore deposits and which is left behind when a ore block is depleted

Miners: blocks which can be placed above ore deposits to extract the items within

    – Creative Miner: creative mode only; no requirements

    – Burner Miner: requires fuel to work

    – Electrical Miner: requires energy to work

    – Mechanical Miner: requires rotation (from the Create mod) to work

Fluid Extraction: some deposits contain fluids instead of items, which can be extracted in the same way so long as a valid tank is placed above the miner

Lixiviant Mining: some ore types require a special type of fluid, called a lixiviant, to dissolve it to the point at which it can be mined. Sulfuric acid is one valid lixiviant, and can be supplied into a valid tank placed above the miner. The types of ore which require this can be configured, but by default it only applies to Immersive Engineering Uranium



The One Probe: Ore deposit blocks display their amounts

Create: The Mechanical Miner, Create ores (requires configuration to enable, see below)

Immersive Engineering: IE ores (requires configuration to enable, see below)


Technical Details:

– Worldgen should be configured via the vanilla datapack system. You may add json files at <packname>/data/factoriores/worldgen/configured_feature/<type>_deposit.json to override the generation configs for any valid ore. Example here

– The implemented ore types are as follows (those which generate by default are underlined)

    – Vanilla ores: Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, Quartz, Diamond, Emerald

    – Misc: Stone, Sulfur

    – Create ores: Copper, Zinc

    – Immersive Engineering ores: Aluminum, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Uranium

    – Fluids: Water, Lava, Oil

– The item which an ore deposit block yields is determined by the loot table at <packname>/data/factoriores/loot_tables/<type>_ore.json. Example here

– The fluid which a fluid deposit block yields is determined by the fluid of the bucket item in the loot table at <packname>/data/factoriores/loot_tables/<type>_deposit.json

– Currently the patch radius and patch depth parameters are unimplemented, as the vanilla lake code I used as a base is quite abstruse

– if you need to create an ore deposit block with a specific amount, you can use the setblockoredeposit command. There are two special values, 'infinite' and 'dummy'. Both allow you to mine the block without it depleting, but the 'dummy' value will result in no output, while the 'infinite' value will result in extraction of resources as normal


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