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minecraft mod Hardcore Heart To Live

Hardcore Heart To Live

Game Version: 1.14.4
Total Downloads: 149
Updated: Apr 17, 2020
Created: Apr 17, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Hardcore Heart To Live 1.14.4 Edition.jar release 45.95 KB Apr 17, 2020 1.14.4 51 download Hardcore Heart To Live Hardcore Heart To Live 1.14.4 Edition.jar releaseDownload
Hardcore Heart To Live 1.12.2 Edition.jar release 56.05 KB Apr 17, 2020 1.12.2 98 download Hardcore Heart To Live Hardcore Heart To Live 1.12.2 Edition.jar releaseDownload


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Just adds a heart to your player which is an additional layer to your players life and health.


Mod permissions, sure go ahead, but please read below!


"We give you permission to use Hardcore Heart To Live in any modpack/server or realm that doesn't cost money to play on, you are allowed to use this in conjunction with other mods and if there is bugs between our mod and another mod please let us know asap! "Please credit Stockfish28 aka (hushpuppy30) and Sarainia aka (Sarainia_KR_Angelsong)" of the Hardcore Heart To Live somewhere in your modpack's description and/or list of mods."


"We DON'T give permission to modify Hardcore Heart To Live through add-ons, JSON files, or config changes, We DON'T give permission to anyone under any circumstance to distribute, de-compile for non-educational purposes, sell for any currency of any kind, re-name, re-upload/re-distribute 'dead' versions, use textures from, or grossly modify Hardcore Heart To Live for any reason ever!"


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There is 2 heart items but they have no purpose but to drive the life engine of this mod. The hearts do trigger stuff however, We might make the good heart craftable and consumable for additional life span, for the (1.14.4 version and newer) but 1.12.2 will stay forever in it's current state.


Purpose Of This Mod

To add realism to aging in game, hardcore means if the heart stops then it's permanent, this works on all "Peaceful, Normal, Hard, Hardcore" on "Adventure, Survival, Spectator, Creative" on any world and most likely with any mod in existence. The aim is to play the game as quickly as possible but also while staying alive and not dying once, because this mod rewards you lifespan everytime you sleep and wake up, use that as a tool to help you achieve a win, this game does have a generous 10 hours of starting gameplay and then like 10 bonus seconds, when you sleep you will get +1 minute to lifespan, with this mod activated and and all worlds are hardcore and timed.


To do list

Craftable consumable good heart for bonus lifespan, and potential other factors to reduce lifespan, maybe a 1 time craftable block like lucky block that has 50/50 chance of lowering or lengthening lifespan when crafted and used.



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