Minecraft HyperPvp Pixelmon Pack mod 2022 download
minecraft mod HyperPvp Pixelmon Pack

HyperPvp Pixelmon Pack

Game Version: 1.10.2
Total Downloads: 1,303
Updated: Feb 7, 2017
Created: Jan 17, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
HyperPack V3.3 Pixelmon release 134.81 MB Feb 7, 2017 1.10.2 805 download HyperPvp Pixelmon Pack HyperPack V3.3 Pixelmon releaseDownload
HyperPack V3.2 release 132.37 MB Jan 21, 2017 1.11.2 420 download HyperPvp Pixelmon Pack HyperPack V3.2 releaseDownload
HyperPack V3.1 Pixelmon release 83.44 MB Jan 17, 2017 1.10.2 78 download HyperPvp Pixelmon Pack HyperPack V3.1 Pixelmon releaseDownload



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Most Packs concentrate on Swords, particles, and GUI color, this Pack concentrates on fire, ores, LANG files, paintings, Icons, and much more. along with being compatible with Pixelmon, it gives the game a better look, and being a small pack, it can be applied over your favorite texturepacks, whether they be PvP, realistic, Themed, Or any other kind, this is a pack that is small, yet very fun to have.

This pack includes:


  • New Steve and Alex skins!
  • Better record music!
  • Better death, achievement, and command messages!
  • Added 120 new splashes!
  • All painting have been updated!
  • All ores have been outlined so they are more visible over a distance!
  • Screenshots no longer have an underline!
  • Fire height has been reduced for visibility!
  • New sun and moon phases textures!
  • New Particles!
  • Custom sky! (For both night and day)
  • Credits and win texts!
  • And more!!!

Hope you enjoy this Pixelmon resourcepack, Thanks!






note: I do not own the rights any of the songs


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