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Game Version: 1.12
Total Downloads: 650
Updated: Oct 30, 2017
Created: Sep 13, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Invitation 2.0.1 release 11.15 KB Oct 30, 2017 1.12 150 download Invitation Invitation 2.0.1 releaseDownload
Invitation 2.0 release 9.10 KB Oct 30, 2017 1.12 29 download Invitation Invitation 2.0 releaseDownload
Invitation 1.3 (1.9) (Bugged) release 5.90 KB Apr 20, 2016 1.9 142 download Invitation Invitation 1.3 (1.9) (Bugged) releaseDownload
Invitation 1.2 (Bugged) release 9.36 KB Feb 20, 2016 1.8 141 download Invitation Invitation 1.2 (Bugged) releaseDownload


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Invitation- The new way of getting players on your server!


Why use this plugin, you might ask? Invitation encourages the best kind of server advertisement in minecraft by creating rewards for a player to invite their friends. Any other form of advertisement can sometimes backfire and even be detrimental to the server's health. Posting the server on a list is a necessity to get started, but can result in uncanny players joining (hackers, toxic players, spammers, advertisers), as there is no filter as to who joins or saying wether they will get along or not. Advertising on another server by spamming the IP often brings hateful players and sometimes DDoS. Players inviting friends means they already know and trust each other and can work together. This is great if you want your players to interact more or trust each other more, as a known friend is much more likely to form a faction or team with a player than a complete stranger.


To use, a player will simply need to type /invite [username]. If a player with that username joins the server and has not joined before, the configured commands run, by default awarding them both and playing some sounds. The player will also need the permission "invitation.invite".


To un-invite a player, you must first have invited them. Use /uninvite [username|all], where all is all of the pending invitations (requires permission invitation.uninvite).


  • Run commands when a newly invited guest joins the server, which can include the inviter and the guest's username
  • Ignore invitations where the inviter has an IP that has already logged in to the server


I plan on making an optional, yet really cool feature for the plugin which allows you to invite players from other servers that have Invitation, if I can sort out entirely how and would have the database/linking server to do so.


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