Minecraft Login/Logout mod 2022 download
minecraft mod Login/Logout


Game Version: CB 1.0.1-R1
Total Downloads: 32,143
Updated: Jan 8, 2012
Created: Jan 5, 2012

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Login/Logout Plugin (V 0.2) release 4.76 KB Jan 8, 2012 CB 1.0.1-R1 31,130 download Login/Logout Login/Logout Plugin (V 0.2) releaseDownload
Login/Logout Plugin (V 0.1) release 4.53 KB Jan 5, 2012 CB 1.0.1-R1 1,013 download Login/Logout Login/Logout Plugin (V 0.1) releaseDownload


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Login/Logout Plugin – Display a login and logout plugin on your server :
Version: v0.2

Screenshot 1

This plugin was made by dAryte2kill.
This is my first plugin and I am starting off small.


Has a default login/logout msg.


Version 0.2

Added a new login and logout mesege

Version 0.1

Releasing my plugin

None that are known


Add custom configuration for each player

Add custom configuration for the whole server

Make it so you can change colors

Add a /help


None at the moment


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