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Game Version: CB 1317
Total Downloads: 1,624
Updated: Oct 13, 2011
Created: Sep 4, 2011

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
MakeUse v1.1 release 9.72 KB Oct 13, 2011 CB 1317 1,624 download MakeUse MakeUse v1.1 releaseDownload


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MakeUse – Make somebody use a command!

Version: v1.1

At my server, we wanted a way to force somebody to read the rules. Well, by making him use /rules you don't really force him to actually read it, but I think it would help. Use it if you want. (This is not yet tested on the newest Bukkit-Build, but I think it should work. Would be nice if you could tell me if it does.)

/makeuse <the user who should use the command> <the command (without the /)>

When you run MakeUse the first time, it creates a config.yml with two lines: "onjoin" and "onnewuser". You can write commands that everybody should execute on join/on his first join (new user) there. The "onjoin"-Commands are NOT executed on a player's first join.
If you just want to use the /makeuse-Command without this features: Just leave these lines at the defaults. MakeUse will recognize that and won't even register the events ==> It doesn't make the server slower!

This plugin uses Permissions (It should work without it, then Ops get access to everything and non-ops to nothing).
The permission-nodes depend on the command you want to make the player use. So I can give someone access to "/makeuse … rules" but not to "/makeuse … kill" by just allowing "makeuse.rules". (btw. I just discovered that it's actually impossible to make someone use /kill… why?)


  • Make somebody use a command!

Source Code

(Note to the downloads at github: The "MakeUse.jar" is always the newest version while e.g. "MakeUse v1.0.jar" is and will always be version 1.0.)



Version 1.1

  • Added the requested "onjoin"- and "onnewuser"-Feature

Version 1.0

  • Releasing my awesome plugin


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