Minecraft Pretty Chat (chat format) mod 2021 download
minecraft mod Pretty Chat (chat format)

Pretty Chat (chat format)

Game Version: 1.12
Total Downloads: 1,396
Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Created: Mar 5, 2018

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
ChatFormatMade.jar v1.0.1 release 5.49 KB Mar 6, 2018 1.12 1,331 download Pretty Chat (chat format) ChatFormatMade.jar v1.0.1 releaseDownload
ChatFormatMade.jar release 5.31 KB Mar 5, 2018 1.12 65 download Pretty Chat (chat format) ChatFormatMade.jar releaseDownload


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Chat Format Made

  • Easialy get rid of the ugly default minecraft brackets
  • Customize the color of the chat, add prefixes and set playername colors
  • Use the in-game commands or the config file to edit your chat
  • Just try it out! it's a small light-weighted plugin that'll give you great fun!


Command Description Permission
  /chatformat set [chatformat]  Sets the chat format to a custom one.  chatformat.set
  /chatformat get  Displays the current chat format.  chatformat.get
  /chatformat default  Sets the chat format to the default.  chatformat.set
  /chatformat enable  Enables the chat formatting.  chatformat.enable
  /chatformat disable  Disables the chat formatting.  chatformat.disable


What is a chatformat?

A chat format determines how the messages sent by players look. The default one will look similar to this:

   <playername> hi
   <anotherplayername> hi
The default chatformat of this plugin will look similar to this:

   playername: hi
   anotherplayername: hi

How do I make a custom chat format with chatformat made?

First of all, "%s" represents the name of the player and the message sent. If you would set the default format this'd be the command you'll have to use:

   /chatformat set %s: %s
Luckly you could completely customize this, F.e.:
   /chatformat set &4%s &k&6> &r %s
   Try it out, you'll see how it looks and understand how it works.

What is also funny to do is to leave the %s keywords out. That way every message will only contain the symbols you put in the format: 

   /chatformat set &4&l I love you serverowner!
   or for this example you could add the player name 😉
   /chatformat set %s: I love you serverowner!
   That'd even be a great way of muting people, ask me if I need to implement a timer to that!

How do I install it?

Simply download the .jar file that's under the releases tab. Drag that file to your plugins folder in your server and you're ready to go: the chat will be the default format right away!

Why is it so efficient and server-friendly?

This plugin does not read the storage files everytime a message gets sent, but stores it in the RAM for a lagg-free server experience! 

How does the config file work?

This plugin works well with commands, but you could also simply change the values in the config.yml file under the plugin data folder that's located in the plugins folder of your server.




If you want a even more clean, chat without any spam, check out this other project of mine!

 I greatly appreciate anyone using this plugin because I love making people happy with great working plugins. It'll also give me great confidence to make more, even better, plugins if atleast some people download this plugin!


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