The best Minecraft mods 2020 for Bukkit Plugins

Bukkit Plugins

Potato Utilities adds alternatives and additions to Minecraft, all crafted with potatoes and potato derivatives. Currently...
download Potato UtilitiesDownload
Makes sponges look like Menger sponges.   With Yellow Manger Sponge you can add math to...
download Yellow Menger SpongeDownload
Craft Sans Square was a pixel typeface far better than any released before. Too long had...
download Craft Sans Narrow—FontDownload
Hello Curseforge! This is My First Post Here Ever! I made a resource pack that mutes...
download Mute Useless MobsDownload
its a simple texture pack i started 
download smpleDownload
Replaces all villagers, zombie villagers, illagers, and witches faces with CaptainSparklez.
download Sparkling VillagersDownload
This small resources pack switches up the different villagers biome types introduces in version 1.14
download Kinet’s Varient VillagersDownload
What it does Ever had the problem that your tool breaks but you can't open your...
download ReequipDownload
This texture pack makes stone into dirt and dirt into stone but it's still a WIP,...
download Inside OutDownload