Minecraft Miraks Spawn Kits And Spawn Dimensions mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Miraks Spawn Kits And Spawn Dimensions

Miraks Spawn Kits And Spawn Dimensions

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 192
Updated: Apr 19, 2021
Created: Apr 19, 2021
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There are a bunch of spawn kits that you start with when you first join a world, they are just a small boost if you want to start progression earlier, some are just for fun, like the floralist, there are currently 12 kits, and some give a bigger boost than others, depending on what your doing, there currently are,



  -16 arrows

  -1 bow


  -1 stone sword


  -stone pickaxe

  -16 cobblestone


  -1 stone axe

  -8 oak logs


  -2 bottles

  -1 blaze powder

  -1 brewing stand


  -fishing rod


  -1 potato

  -1 melon seeds

  -1 wheat seed

  -1 wooden hoe


  -5 bones

  -3 rotten flesh

  -1 lead


  (3 of each)

  -lily of the valley


  -blue orchid

  -pink tulip




  -4 lapis

  -8xp bottles


  -1 bed

  -1 lead


  -6 charcoal


  -blast furnace


-Or an option to go vanilla,



(i want to add some more skills, just right now i'm working on something else)

Also, you can choose to start in the Nether or the Overworld,


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