Minecraft [MTS/IV] immersive Poker’s Garage mod 2024 download
minecraft mod [MTS/IV] immersive Poker’s Garage

[MTS/IV] immersive Poker’s Garage

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 16,615
Updated: Feb 2, 2021
Created: Dec 5, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
immersive Poker's Garage ver. 1.1 release 2.57 MB Feb 2, 2021 1.12.2 10,425 download [MTS/IV] immersive Poker’s Garage immersive Poker's Garage ver. 1.1 releaseDownload
iPG: Devil's Selection release 2.13 MB Dec 5, 2020 1.12.2 6,190 download [MTS/IV] immersive Poker’s Garage iPG: Devil's Selection releaseDownload


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Are you good spirited petrolhead, who's looking for new ways to traverse his minecraft worlds? This is your lucky day! iPG is all you need!


immersive Poker's Garage is a project made by one of the renown Flans Mod creators, Poker. The goal of iPG is to provide few smaller, but varied packs, with different vehicle selections, for immersive Vehicles mod (also known as MTS). With new and expanded possibilities, provided by MTS, you can be certain, that the new cars take advantage of that!


Openable Doors!
Back in the days of Flans mod, this was just a oddity, specific to one or two cars in the pack. But thanks to Immersive Vehicles, all cars in the pack have openable doors, complete with actual animations! It's also well noting that… welp… you kinda need to open the doors to get in the car now…


Another great feature, are working gauges – another great thing, that we owe to MTS. All cars in the pack have high quality gauges, like speedometers and tachometers. Useful for driving and, of course, immersive!


Another great thing, thanks to almighty MTS, are physics. If you ever drove car in Flans Mod, you definitly felt, that cars… well… didn't felt like cars! Now it all changes. Thanks to MTS physics cars, actually feel like cars. Pushing your car to highest speed possible feels like a challenge, not just for you, but also for the car. This greatly influences cornering, you need to be smart with your gas pedal, and how you decide to apply it. Racing with your friends have never been so fun before!


Unlike many other Minecraft vehicle mods, immersive Poker's Garage aims for different aesthetic. Instead of aiming for photorealism, iPG gives you more lowpoly reimaginations of your favorite cars. Although, models are detailed, and they're definitly pushing the artstyle defined by Minecraft, they're still fitting nicely into overall look of the game. One major factor that helps with that goal, are textures, which use many vanilla materials, like wood, wool, iron and glass. Another thing, are dimensions. Cars are scaled to the world, not to Steve. All these factors, make iPG something that stands out in the crowd.


As mentioned before, iPG strays from traditional Poker's Garage release style. Instead of one major pack, with a lot of different cars, releases are going to be smaller, and more varied, so they can be released more often, but also to prevent creative burnout of yours truly. You can find Pack list in the spoiler below, although, keep in mind, that it's going to be expanded as the new packs are going to be released. I'll be also putting some Work in Progress packs, so, feel free to come back here and take a look if something changed, or if something new has been added to the list.

Released packs:

Devil's Selection

This pack includes 8 exotic and luxury supercars. Coming from retro classics, up to newest hypercars.

Work in Progress:
– Tuning Heroes
– Daily Struggles


    Minecraft 1.12.2
    Immersive Vehicles Mod

Step 1:
Download and install Forge for version 1.12.2. You can find more detailed tutorials on this on youtube.


Step 2:
Download Immersive Vehicles Mod (Version 19) and immersive Poker's Garage Pack

Step 3:
Open the directory where you installed your Minecraft with Forge. By default, it's set to .minecraft, which you can access by searching %appdata% in your search toolbar. If the localisation is different, you can check it in Minecraft Launcher


Step 4:
Insert Immersive Vehicles and immersive Poker's Garage jar files in the 'mods' folder

Step 5:
Launch the game and enjoy!


Will you update/convert your Flans Mod packs?
I don't intend to. They're old, and they're not supporting most of stuff, that is crucial to Immersive Vehicles. If I were to update the cars it would take a lot of time and effort. And honestly, I'd preffer to put this effort into new models.


Will you make car XYZ?

That's really good question! The answer is, I don't know. I'm not making any todo lists, all the requests I plan on case by case basis. I don't want to overwhelm myself, especially since, making cars on Immersive Vehicles is much more complicated then it was on Flans Mod. Back then I could make around 3-4 cars in a day. Now it takes me around 3-4 days to complete one car with all compatible parts. And I'm talking about slaving over, behind the monitors, often with no sleep. And while lockdown, is great excuse to such use of computer, I don't want to grind myself to a halt.


Most Immersive Vehicles Packs have part dependencies. Does iPG have such?

Nope. All the parts, dedicated to the vehicles, are in the pack, with the vehicles. Of course, feel free to use these parts on other vehicles, or even use different parts, from different packs on cars from iPG. But I have to warn you, results may very, I've taken a few shortcuts, that make sense on cars from this pack, but wouldnt really work as well on others.

Will you update to newer version of Minecraft?

Maybe? It all depends if the mod I'm working with, will be updated.

But for all that's holy, please, don't harass Don Bruce to update his mod. He has already way too many questions to answer about current version in his discord, by boomers like me.


Can I use iPG on my server?

Of course! Have at it! You can even use it in modpack, just notify me or something. You can catch me on Planet Minecraft. I might even pay you a visit… The same goes for videos and showcases on youtube.



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