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Pipe Gobbler

Game Version: 1.6.4
Total Downloads: 1,791
Updated: Apr 30, 2014
Created: Apr 30, 2014
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PipeGobbler-1.1.jar release 8.49 KB Apr 30, 2014 1.6.4 1,580 download Pipe Gobbler PipeGobbler-1.1.jar releaseDownload
PipeGobbler-1.0.jar release 8.38 KB Apr 30, 2014 1.6.4 211 download Pipe Gobbler PipeGobbler-1.0.jar releaseDownload


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This mod is discontinued, as Thermal Expansion has added a very similar band-aid into the mod itself. It will be left up to help those running older versions of the Agrarian Skies Mod packs on their servers.

Is your Grid Tick Handler taking waaaaay too much of your servers time? Are you experiencing timeouts, and TPS lag from to it?

This mod provides a bandaid fix to this problem.


If your players have created itemduct systems that cause massive backstuffing, you can add this mod to your server, and configure it to scan for backstuffed pipes, if it finds pipes that are backstuffed with more stacks than you have specified, it will delete those items.

While this causes losses for your players, it will mostly cause losses of things your players have so much of they won't notice the loss, as the default configuration only deletes pipes that are backstuffed with at least 10 stacks of items. In my experience, this results mostly from badly designed sorting systems, and Extruders feeding Crucibles. I know some servers are banning Itemducts outright in response to these problems, so I hope this mod might provide a useful middle ground.

I custom wrote this for an Agrarian Skies server I play on that was having severe TPS issues, after the admin installed it, TPS issues decreased signifigantly, and stability improved. I suspect the massive backstuffing was making TE's Grid Tick Handler take long enough that Minecraft assumed it had stalled, and shut itself down.

The first time this plugin was run, the Admin found pipes with over 9000 stacks backstuffed in them. Needless to say, the server ran a bit smoother after clearing that out. heh.


All commands can only be used by OP's.

/pg scan <min>
Scans for pipes backstuffed with more than <min> stacks of items.
/pg purge <min>
Purges the items from any pipe backstuffed with more than <min> stacks of items.
I recommend you not to run this command with lower than 10, or you will destroy items that are legitimately backstuffed.

These two commands are used for manual operation of the mod. I recommend you start with manual operation, to see if your server will benefit from it.

/pg auto <min> <interval>
Sets automatic scanning to occur every <interval> hours, and automatically purges pipes with more than <min> backstuffed stacks.
Automatic scanning is disabled by default.

Recommended settings for Automatic Scanning:

/pg auto 10 1


This mod is in no way affiliated with King Lemming, or any of the Thermal Expansion staff. TE is an awesome mod, and I hate sticking a band-aid like this on it, however, I like the AgSkies server I play on not to crash, as well.


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