Minecraft SuperRye99`s More Features mod 2024 download
minecraft mod SuperRye99`s More Features

SuperRye99`s More Features

Game Version: 1.15
Total Downloads: 21
Updated: Nov 26, 2020
Created: Nov 23, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
0.2.0 beta 376.09 KB Nov 26, 2020 1.15 15 download SuperRye99`s More Features 0.2.0 betaDownload
moreminecraft.jar alpha 171.81 KB Nov 23, 2020 1.15 6 download SuperRye99`s More Features moreminecraft.jar alphaDownload


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Made With MCreator https://mcreator.net/

Adds more Features.


Added Features


Slime Creeper

A Creeper but covered in slime

drops a creeper face (has no use yet)




Redstone but its blue and isn`t really Redstone 

it can craft the bluestone wand



Spooky Ore



Its Really cool!!

you can craft a Opal Bow (Powerful)

and a Opal arrow



Planned Features


Stuff That were removed from Minecraft



The Dark Nether 

Dark Magma Cubes




And More


 There wont be a 1.16 update until MCreator adds 1.16



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