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The Graveyard

Game Version: 1.8
Total Downloads: 271
Updated: Apr 14, 2017
Created: Apr 14, 2017
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The Graveyard 1.20 release 2.85 MB Apr 14, 2017 1.8 271 download The Graveyard The Graveyard 1.20 releaseDownload


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Book about this map: (by The Minecraft Traveler): https://www.amazon.com/Minecraft-Diary-Traveler-Graveyard-Unofficial-ebook/dp/B01GW71364/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


The Graveyard is a map created by:

McTsts & VaterX2

The Map uses a custom resource pack, it only works with McPatcher, but it isn't required.
(The Resource Pack is in the world and work by it self)

Summary :

– Solo or Coop PVE Game
– Between 2h & 3h playtime (~4h if you complete the story, the bonuslevels and the secrets)
– 7 different classes (ex : Archer, Tank, Pyro, Tamer, …)
– Upgrade System
– Main Goal: Survive a night on the graveyard with unique Mobs & vanilla Mobs

– 20 Waves in the Night
– 8 more Levels after the night ends

– A lot of 1.8 Features
– Find Items for the Villagers
– Defeat the undead king and his minions

– Beacons for lower difficulty
– Two NPC Town
– Stop the Ender Priest
– Highscore System

– Doesn't use commandblock clocks to reduce lag
– Solve puzzles in the puzzle Dungeon
– Make your way through the Ocean Monument
– A short Jump'n'Run
– It gets slowly more difficult
– Potions, weapons, armors and shields
– Custom Sword Abilities ( Poison / Blood Curse / NightVision )
– A bok which explains the Mobs
– 'Ghost' Mobs

– Tutorial
– 5 BonusLevels ( Fight against Player Zombies / Skeletons & more )
– Areas that open after some time ( Upgrade Area / Ocean Monument / Cave / Forge )
– Many custom Mobs (ex: King, Summoner, Ghosts, Knights, Ender Priest, …)

This map is based on Waves
Each waves Ends after 30 minutes (in game)
The map starts at 8:00 PM and Ends at 10:00 AM
At 6:00 AM the night ends.

8:00 As the moon rises, the undead rise, too
8:30 Not only undead rise, but other evil creatures like giant spiders rise, too
9:00 Slowly, more and more, undead rise
9:30 At first the Undead may seem weak, but the later it gets, the stronger they are
10:00 Even if you kill the undead, they will just come back
10:30 The dead bodies of witches are rising
11:00 Not only just the corpses, but also Bones come back to life
11:30 Even Ocean Monsters can survive here
0:00 The remains of pigs are starting to rise
0:30 It's past midnight, but that's still not the end
1:00 It's late and the undead are ready to kill you
1:30 The graves in the cave are now revealed
2:00 Evil creatures are leaving the cave now
2:30 The graveyard is now filled with creatures
3:00 More Undead rise, as the moon starts to go down
3:30 All remaining Creatures will start rising soon
4:00 Even Elder Sea Creatures rise now
4:30 The night is getting at it's end, but your life might be at it's end, too
5:00 The sun will rise soon, but the most powerful creatures are rising now
5:30 At the end of the night the most powerful, of all undead, rises
6:00 Find TNT for the TNT-Merchant
6:30 Jump Fast enough in the Clocktower
7:00 Find the hidden button in the Ocean Monument
7:30 Solve ten puzzles in the puzzle Dungeon
8:00 Defeat the Undead king
8:30 Search for the missing Potions
9:00 Fight the evil Ender Priest
9:30 ???
10:00 The map ends at 10:00

Bonus Levels:

10:00 Player Zombies
10:30 Summoner Challenge
12:00 King's Challenge
12:30 Sewer
01:00 Jumper Challenge


– Play in Adventure mode

– Play in easy/normal/hard, not peaceful
– Recommended Render Distance: 5 chunks
– For multiplayer Servers : enable command blocks !
– Play in easy/normal/hard, not peaceful

– Don't try to leave the map
– Don't use Bugs
– Don't break Blocks
– If you don't spawn correctly use /tp -100.5 5 -488.5 -90 0
– Leaving the world before you completed the map, might cause bugs.


Custom Items – Shields

Hold the shield in your Hand and you'll get resistance

Wooden Shield: Resistance 1
Stone Shield: Resistance 2
Iron Shield: Resistance 3 & Slowness 2
Gold Shield: Resistance 3
Diamond Shield: Resistance 4 & Slowness 120

( Now I added a Shield Explanation in the Upgrade Area )

Only the Shields in one command :


Players which were added as Player Zombies / Skeleton :








Pictures of the map:

NPC Village


Graveyard City
Parts of the Graveyard


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