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minecraft mod Hotel | Hotel of Secrets

Hotel | Hotel of Secrets

Game Version: 1.8.9
Total Downloads: 246
Updated: Aug 17, 2017
Created: Aug 16, 2017
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Earlier Versions

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Hotel | Hotel of Secrets \ MAP release 262.60 MB Aug 17, 2017 1.8.9 246 download Hotel | Hotel of Secrets Hotel | Hotel of Secrets \ MAP releaseDownload


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You play as an detective that was hired for the police to solve cases/mystery's that no one else would do. But eventually after a while you(the detective) got a new case and that lead you to this old abandod hotel… when you came closer and closer the air got heavier and it eventually drew you to it, and so your adventure begins.

To play the map you NEED Optifine!
You can also play the map in multiplayer but to do that the player that joins you must download the resource pack first, otherwise it won't work.

The allready installed resource pack in the map is made by The Last Day Team. Only two textures are changed for playing the map, the torch(is now a flashlight) and cobweb(it hangs from the ceiling this time).


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