Minecraft TopTaco’s Essentials Mod mod 2022 download
minecraft mod TopTaco’s Essentials Mod

TopTaco’s Essentials Mod

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 2,105
Updated: Dec 26, 2017
Created: Dec 25, 2017

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
TopTaco's Essentials v1.01 (Dec.26.2017) release 35.50 KB Dec 26, 2017 1.12.2 2,005 download TopTaco’s Essentials Mod TopTaco's Essentials v1.01 (Dec.26.2017) releaseDownload
TopTacos Essentials .jar Mod File release 26.55 KB Dec 25, 2017 1.12.2 100 download TopTaco’s Essentials Mod TopTacos Essentials .jar Mod File releaseDownload



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features – –


obsidian tools

obsidian armor

*NEW INGOT* – pure obsidian

*NEW CRAFTING MATERIAL* – Obsidian utility plate

the ability to smelt down obsidian into pure obsidian.


these features allow the user to venture into a further advanced "tier" of armor, it takes more work to obtain obsidian armor, but protects the user more efficiently than basic diamond armor.


how to install – –


locate your forge mods folder, if you dont have one already. Create one manually and insert the java file provided directly into the mods folder


*to ensure the mod has successfully loaded, once minecraft successfully launches, locate the mods tab in the main menu and look for the mod within the given list*


requirements – –


forge modloader – latest stable version recommended

any minecraft version from v1.10 – 1.12.x ( 1.12.2 recommended )


Recipes – –

*Recipes are given on the images tab for those who don't have a recipe helper mod.


Mod/Project Description – –


the goal of this mod is to fill any empty needs to the minecraft user with keeping a non modded minecraft feel. I've started with obsidian armor, and tools are on the way! please please please suggest things you believe should be in minecraft or would be useful in minecraft while maintaining the "normal" feel to the game. for example, lapis and emerald and quarts dont really have a huge variety of uses and could be a nice matterial to branch more uses off of.



let me know what you guys think, any bugs or issues i would love to take feedback good or bad, as this is my first mod i appreciate everything!





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