Minecraft TWOP [FORGE] mod 2024 download
minecraft mod TWOP [FORGE]


Game Version: 1.18.2
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: May 3, 2022
Created: May 3, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
TWOP [FORGE] 1.0.0 1.18.2 release 42.05 KB May 3, 2022 1.18.2 0 download TWOP [FORGE] TWOP [FORGE] 1.0.0 1.18.2 releaseDownload
TWOP [FORGE] 1.0.0 1.17.1 release 41.97 KB May 3, 2022 1.17.1 0 download TWOP [FORGE] TWOP [FORGE] 1.0.0 1.17.1 releaseDownload
TWOP [FORGE] 1.0.0 1.16.5 release 50.99 KB May 3, 2022 1.16.5 0 download TWOP [FORGE] TWOP [FORGE] 1.0.0 1.16.5 releaseDownload


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TWOP (tp without op), not recommended for use in a solo game, if you don’t have a server and need one, with the code ModdyCraft, get 25% in your first month to create a Minecraft server.


Now a normal player, without OP on a server, could teleport without problems to another player, using a simple command /tp_w [name of any player], do not enter any more data, as with normal tp, for this you do not need any permission, for Of course, the server is allowing it by having this mod installed in their files, if you want to support this project, you can download it and it will allow other people to create their free servers and give them the ability to use this mod, to allow a better experience for their users.


Different ways to support this project:

-Downloading it

-PayPal, Patreon



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