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minecraft mod Alchemist Infusion

Alchemist Infusion

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 809
Updated: Apr 15, 2021
Created: Sep 10, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
AlchemistInufsion-1.1.0 release 385.09 KB Apr 15, 2021 1.16.5 206 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInufsion-1.1.0 releaseDownload
AlchemistInfusion-1.0 release 339.20 KB Sep 29, 2020 1.16.3 408 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-1.0 releaseDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.8.0 release 310.24 KB Sep 21, 2020 1.16.3 31 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.8.0 releaseDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.7.1 release 290.78 KB Sep 18, 2020 1.16.3 29 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.7.1 releaseDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.7.0 release 290.78 KB Sep 18, 2020 1.16.2 13 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.7.0 releaseDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.5.0 beta 268.76 KB Sep 17, 2020 1.16.2 13 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.5.0 betaDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.4.0 beta 241.00 KB Sep 16, 2020 1.16.2 63 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.4.0 betaDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.2.8 beta 207.39 KB Sep 15, 2020 1.16.2 8 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.2.8 betaDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.2.5 beta 196.04 KB Sep 14, 2020 1.16.2 12 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.2.5 betaDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.1.1 beta 120.39 KB Sep 10, 2020 1.16.2 20 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.1.1 betaDownload
AlchemistInfusion-0.1 beta 120.66 KB Sep 10, 2020 1.16.2 6 download Alchemist Infusion AlchemistInfusion-0.1 betaDownload


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Alchemist infusion was originally inspired from the Paving Stone of Travel from Thaumcraft.

I strongly recommend you have patchouli installed with this mod. As it generates a handy guide into how to get everything done within the mod where JEI doesn't show any of the infusion recipes at the moment.

Recipe for the Patchouli book shown in this spoiler

Recipe for the Patchouli Book

This mod focuses on taking properties of items like potions, and infusing them into new mediums. Several potion effects placed into blocks you can stand on? Sure! Potion effects in food so you can both feed and buff yourself? Why not!

There are also some special mechanics added as well, such as a pair of boots that allow you to jump higher after crouching, Ice so slippery that you constantly gain momentum when moving on them, and blocks that convert momentum from all of that running into how quickly you get catapulted into the horizon!

All of this with more updates planned in the future for further content, and more fun!

Modpacks: Go right ahead.


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