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minecraft mod Block Restriction

Block Restriction

Game Version: 1.11
Total Downloads: 222
Updated: May 6, 2017
Created: Apr 17, 2017

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Block restrcion release 5.31 KB May 6, 2017 1.11 127 download Block Restriction Block restrcion releaseDownload
Black Restriction release 4.02 KB Apr 17, 2017 1.11 95 download Block Restriction Black Restriction releaseDownload



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This plugin allows you to pick any block and "block" it. It uses the permission system so if you want like the builders to have access. Just give them the permission! We also implemented a way for your players to know what blocks they don't have access to. (/rblocks). I also just added the feature so you can disable enderpearls!


  • I have been looking around and I have not found a plugin like ours.
  • There are many for items but ours is solely based for blocks.
  • And I guess you could get those plugins and whitelisted blocks that way BUT…
  • Our plugin is small and really easy to navigate through.
  • You don't have to spend for then 5 minutes in the config, like other where you spend 30 minutes.
  • Our Config.YML is really small and no much too it.
  • The permission system is really easy to use and make. (Go to the permission section to learn how to use permissions)


  • Config is small, but fully customizable
  • One command (show what blocks are banned)
  • has been tested in multiply situations.
  • Compatible with almost every plugin
  • Small file size, doesn't change start up time.
  • *NEW* Allows you to disable enderpearls


  • Drag
  • Drop
  • Run
  • And Customize


  • =========================Command============================
  • Command: /rblock
  • Shows the blocks that are restricted, using the permission you have them.
  • =========================Permission==========================
  • Permission: block.allow<BlockYouWant>
  • Permission: throw.allow.enderpearl (When a player has permission it allows them)
  • Make sure the block you put in the section <BannedBlocks> in the config.yml


  • Make it do you can't craft the block.
  • Add so you can't use items, like Ender Pearls.
  • Fix Small Bug
  • Cadence the file so it small (remove unused code)


  • Always Keep the plugin up to date because I am always adding stuff to improve it.
  • If you guys have any spare cash and you would like me to make more plugin, Don't for get to donate.
  • I don't need money but its nice to know that you appreciate my plugins, because i do use my spare time to make them.
  • Also thanks if you guys supported my last plugin!
  • If we can get 50 downloads on this plugin I will start my next one!!!


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