Minecraft KeyCraft – Unlocking a World of Fantasy mod 2021 download
minecraft mod KeyCraft – Unlocking a World of Fantasy

KeyCraft – Unlocking a World of Fantasy

Game Version: CB 1337
Total Downloads: 5,440
Updated: Oct 21, 2011
Created: Sep 5, 2011

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Endless City b2 beta 9.95 KB Oct 21, 2011 CB 1337 4,597 download KeyCraft – Unlocking a World of Fantasy Endless City b2 betaDownload
Endless City - Prototype 1B beta 9.17 KB Oct 17, 2011 CB 1240 413 download KeyCraft – Unlocking a World of Fantasy Endless City - Prototype 1B betaDownload
TWTNW-Prototype1 alpha 5.22 KB Oct 2, 2011 CB 1185 430 download KeyCraft – Unlocking a World of Fantasy TWTNW-Prototype1 alphaDownload



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Kingdom Hearts in Minecraft!?

Well, we plan to use Spout/SpoutCraft's client modding API, when it is released (coming soon), to create an extensive Kingdom Hearts experience in minecraft.
Not only will we try to replicate aspects of Kingdom Hearts (including worlds, mobs & items!), but also use Kingdom Hearts themes to develop new, multiplayer/MMO suited features like factions.
(We are looking for people to help us, in particular devs!)

[Current Plugins: The Endless City]

Recent updates

We've got a website! It's still in development, and on temporary hosting until we're ready to move to the new hosting Richard's setting up.

We're getting closer and closer to the next release build of the Endless City!

You can take a look at the current code via github:

And discuss the project via our IRC channel:
It's #keycraft on irc://apocalypse.esper.net

Marcos Cosmos

The World That Never Was (The Endless City)

Second Release (We have syndicated!)

We have a second prototype of an endless city world generator World That Never Was themed. It's far from complete but hey, we have to start somewhere!

It produces 8×8 buildings of stone, stone brick, and glass surrounded by a 1-wide border of double stone slab footpath. With a 8-wide road of cobblestone between each building.

We don't recommend using this for a main world as it lacks core resources like trees, being a replacement for the end, this won't be changing. but it could definitely hasten the production of a marketplace :3

It was created generously by Richard Robertson, and this second build contains minor modifications by oxguy3, as Richard Robertson has been very busy, and struggling to find time to finish his next build, which will be our first 'release' build when it is completed.

You can find the files in the sidebar to the right of the page, (for those new to BukkitDev).

We don't currently know of any bugs in the newest build, but if you find one, please inform us!


As this is still in testing, to enter the world, the default method is /moveme, but you could probably use a standard multiworld plugin to enter it, though it doesn't have multi-world support just yet, so maybe not. We will put it in after the proper release. :3

Please give a try and tell us what you think, and any suggestions you might have.

Team KeyCraft

Current Focus & Upcoming Features

We are currently focusing on our world generation plugin to replace The End, as well as a KH-themed texture pack for the mod, made by Muffin Baron (the link takes you to his minecraftforums thread), which will come in 32×32 and 16×16. This thread is for his main texture, though we intend to have a customised version, so that rather than The End being The End of The World from KH, the pack for this project will make The End look like The World That Never was. Those of you who have played the games will think this strange, but it is because we have a huge modification planned for The Nether, themed of The End of The World, that suits The Nether more than The End, or moreso, The Endless City doesn't suit The Nether, and particularly, not netherwrack, but our planned End of The World does.. So all in all, the names are just unfortunate.

We have also made a request for the start of a Denizens plugin, to make it so that keyblade weilders won't have to craft a sword every time they die, because it just doesn't fit KH. Included in this are equivilant items for denizens of darkness, and of nothing, as well as damage modifiers.

But sadly, no one has picked up Denizens yet.

The Monsters, Gummi, Events/Bosses, and Synthesis/Economic aspects of the project are yet to be covered.

Primary Ideas

  • The three basic Kingdom mobs –
    • Shadows as mobs, with thin un-hittable movements.
    • Dusks as mobs, with reversals.
    • Floods as mobs, similar to shadows, thin un-hittable movements.
  • Seperate these mobs between the three realms of Minecraft –
    • Heartless will consume the World in darkness.
    • Nobodies will control the Eether.
    • Unversed will breed negativity in the Nether.
    • Define three realms in config (Don't know how else to detect it?).
  • Keychains convert your sword into appropriate keyblade –
    • The better the grade of sword (e.g. iron, diamond), the more enhanced a keyblade is.
    • Non-key weapons of all kinds deal the same, minimal damage on Kingdom mobs (configurable?).
    • The player first gets a keyblade after a certain event –
      • When obtaining an achievement (Kingdom Hearts in Minecraft!?) for encountering and fighting 5 Kingdom mobs (whether they defeat it or not).
      • unconfirmed (will probably come much later) A boss-battle to win before obtaining the achievement (optional).
    • Once obtained, the default keychain cannot be lost on death (it is equipped on re-spawn, configurable?),
  • A new inventory slot for the keychain… undroppable / permanent – A new inventory window, hopefully as a tab of the standard inventory.
  • Use of the experience bar…
  • Moggle shops as well as crafting.

Secondary Ideas (To-Do Later, no promises yet)

  • A first keychain to effect bows –
    • Likely to give abilities of some sort of elemental arrows.
  • Boss battles to closer mimic the game as events occur (Optional).
  • Trap-mobs –
    • Like the Spiderchest Unverse
    • Like the Spider Barrel Heartless (Calling them Storage Spider Heartless).
    • Not sure for Nobodies?
  • Heartless, Unversed and Nobody versions of classic Minecraft mobs.
  • More keychains, with more abilities.
  • Factions that players become Denizen to (Light, Dark, and Nothing) –
    • May or may not effect mob alliances/alignment.
    • Unique traits (advantages/disadvantages)
      • Denizens of Nothing would have the Mark of Exception as their default keychain, with the Nullified Bow as their default weapon and Null Point Arrows (which don't drop on death but are replenished at a price). Additionally these magicians can stabilize the DTD and set up permanent way-points for anyone's use.
      • Denizens of Darkness would have the Black Orb as their default keychain no weapon by default but boosted unarmed damage and a limited ability to hasten travel with short-distance blink teleportation (at a cost).
      • Denizens of Light would have the King's Pendant as their default keychain, the Kingdom Key as their default weapon, higher health and defense than other denizens, and restoring health the of themselves and others would be easiest for them.
    • Possible small changes to weapons with faction (Aesthetic)
    • Crested skins, (and ofcourse, darkened dark faction, and hooded nothing possibly, (or as a feature of armour))
  • Gummi Ships! –
    • Creation like regular MC building using block pieces found/collected/traded
    • Possible use to travel in a space world between portals/gates/etc
    • Maybe, but unlikely use in regular worlds?

Brain Storming is one of the first things to do when you have a project right? So let's get to it!

  • Got a suggestion, idea or plan to offer that you think might be key? Then post it in the Contribution section! (Help wanted)
  • Got a question to pose about the idea or ideas that is too important to be a mere comment? Whether it's directed at someone or everyone, post it the Queries section.
  • Is it something you just wanna say quickly? Comment below!
  • Is it something to say that just doesn't fit anywhere else? Then post it in the miscellaneous section.


We acknowledge that Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Birth By Sleep and all other Kingdom Hearts titles are the sole property of Square Enix and Disney and claim no credit for the concepts originating from these titles, and any other Square Enix titles that may appear in the project.

Please support the official release and the great work Square Enix does!

Note: studying and time restrictions may mean that this page could get out-of-date. So be sure to check the forums!

Thanks for listening & we hope you'll support us!
Team KeyCraft


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