Minecraft Castle War – Tarp mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Castle War – Tarp

Castle War – Tarp

Game Version: 1.8
Total Downloads: 8,450
Updated: Nov 23, 2014
Created: Nov 21, 2014
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Castle War - Tarp release 524.32 KB Nov 23, 2014 1.8 8,450 download Castle War – Tarp Castle War - Tarp releaseDownload



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Castle War


Hi there, I am here posting my first project, which is composed of 2 castles, 2 teams (red & blue), underground tunnels that will give access to 2 bunkers, has also some treehouses and obstacles of paintball. This map was initially done to play paintball but can also be used for other purposes, such as an arena.

If anyone wants to use this map in videos, etc. Please give value to my work and put the link of the video that is showing the map.

I hope you enjoyed the map. =D




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