Minecraft Midnight Sky Island Survival mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Midnight Sky Island Survival

Midnight Sky Island Survival

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 562
Updated: Aug 23, 2018
Created: Jul 31, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Midnight Sky Island Survival ver1.12.2 ZX.zip release 2.29 MB Aug 23, 2018 1.12.2 390 download Midnight Sky Island Survival Midnight Sky Island Survival ver1.12.2 ZX.zip releaseDownload
Update 1.13 version original release 1.13 MB Aug 1, 2018 1.13-Snapshot 124 download Midnight Sky Island Survival Update 1.13 version original releaseDownload
Update 1.12.2 Map Version 1 release 928.93 KB Aug 1, 2018 1.12.2 44 download Midnight Sky Island Survival Update 1.12.2 Map Version 1 releaseDownload



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Look at The Version before you

Download the file!

Will Constantly Be updated when Ever What I'm working with it is finished, and that can be when ever no matter what the it says in the rest, referring to when it updates, all the other stuff about request still applies, and stuff like that.


Currently supports Minecraft versions: 1.13, 1.12.2

 Due To an error 1.13 versions will be delayed for a while, and development on the map has stopped for a while.

This sky island survival isn't your normal sky island survival, for it gives you two chest, and they both have at least another chest inside it, one chest give variation of dirt, and grass, another gives variations of stones, and the chest that is furthest away from the spawn point is the one that contains the most items, but for 1.13 version there's a datapack in it, and the only thing this datapack does, is it adds a bunch of recipes, and the most useful, and kind of random recipe I made is that the woo that creates oak planks is no longer 1 wood for 4 planks, but is now 1 wood for 64 planks, and it also adds a bunch more recipes and a lot of them are very useful and can be greatly used for this sky island survival, and if you want to use the data pack in other worlds, feel free to do so, and if you post a world using the datapack inside this world, make sure to give me credit for it,


BUT  The Main Thing about this sky island survival is the wither chamber, where you can summon the wither boss, and if it doesn't work, please tell me and I'll try to fix it, and yes that applies for both version, even if cheats aren't enabled, so you can't cheat, I'll still be able to fix it (No hacking involved) this wither chamber is a bit away from the spawn point, but there's a sign in the far chest that mentions the coordinates to find it, and if you don't know how, to get coordinates for 1.13, and no mods (1.12.2) just press F3, and coordinates will be one of the information it gives you, so please enjoy this Sky island survival, and it only took me 2h to make it.


If you want me to add more structures, please tell me, and I'll add it somewhere, this includes schematics,and minecraft 1.12.2 structures, (1.13 structures depends on what structure), and if it's from a schematic site, send me the link, and I'll see what I can Do.


As for the 1.12.2 version of my map, only if requested I'll add items for certain mods(ones that're request only), except there is only one mod that I'll be adding to this sky island survival, and that is the galactic craft mod, is what i'll be making this world compatible with(trust me though that'll take a while), so feel free to request mod compatibility for the world, and I'll make it's own separate file one this one, with a customized name.


if you made a custom structure in a world, and don't know how to create schematics, don't worry just send me a picture of the insides, and outsides of what it looks like, and i'll try to replicate it.


I'll also give credit for the person who suggested the structure, so Please Enjoy!



If you want me to convert this for it to work for other versions, I'll add it, and all the other stuff above will also apply to the version That you want, I want people of all types, and who play all versions of Minecraft to enjoy this.


This Map Will Also Be Updated every 2 weeks, or every month, or earlier for I will Constantly try to add more things to it, but the things that I can change for the 1.13 version is limited, but both maps will have parkour added to them for some of the things inside it, and make it so that more items are available.


The datapack for the 1.13 version will also have more recipes added to it and change the way somethings in Minecraft can be made, and will update every time the map updates.



If You have any question feel free to ask me, and if you use this map to make another map that you want to use in videos, make another world to upload it, feel free to do so, as long as you mention in some way that the map is originally from this map. 


This map will not have any pictures posted because it's supposed to be unknown, and the locations of the certain structures, parkour, dungeons, castles, and other things will not be shown here, but the coordinates will be put onto a sign, and put into a chest with 6 of them(in case you loose one).


There are certain mods that I will not add to this world, but I will not mention it, and if the mod is one that I haven't heard of, I'll look at it, and decided if I'll include it, but don't worry there are very few types of mods that I won't include in this map, so still feel free to ask. 


If You want to to turn this map into a base map for a mod, or sky island mod -(like how to use the mod, what it does, feel free to ask me, and if you want certain things to be added to the map for certain uses, I can customize it for you, and if you want I could also send you a version with cheats so you can edit it yourself)- Feel free to ask, and i'll see what I can do.


If you want me to make another map that is just parkour, droppers, dungeons, just One certain type of structure, or event, etc. and I'll make another map just for that topic, event, or genre.


I can create a map that can also represent your Minecraft character only, and make a small map based of it(only if you want).


If you want me to make an arena, TNT wars, or bed-wars map, just feel free to ask me, and I'll create one, if you have a certain genre you want to go with it.


I'll be making several maps at a time so please don't think That I'm not replying to your comment, I will say that I will be sure to contact you within a week (unless something comes up, and I can't do, but I'll state that I can't contact anyone for a period of time, but still feel free to leave comments when you want) and if I don't do it within a week, I'll do it eventually within 3 weeks or less.


If you have any more question feel free to ask, but please do not leave an issues you have in the issue tracker, and just tell me what you have wrong.



All communication for customized mapping will be on discord, if you don't have a discord account, then make one, or just tell me you don't have one, and mention what you want to mention, and if you have KIK, or messenger, and i'll connect with you to it.


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