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minecraft mod EquipZ


Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 38,702
Updated: Sep 16, 2020
Created: Nov 8, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
equip-1.6.2.jar release 458.48 KB Sep 16, 2020 1.16.5 15,120 download EquipZ equip-1.6.2.jar releaseDownload
equip-1.6.2.jar release 455.13 KB Jul 18, 2020 1.16.1 4,316 download EquipZ equip-1.6.2.jar releaseDownload
equip-1.6.1.jar release 455.50 KB Jun 28, 2020 1.16.1 1,517 download EquipZ equip-1.6.1.jar releaseDownload
equip-1.6.0.jar release 455.65 KB Jun 10, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 443 download EquipZ equip-1.6.0.jar releaseDownload
equip-1.5.4.jar release 420.51 KB Apr 29, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 1,015 download EquipZ equip-1.5.4.jar releaseDownload
equip-1.5.3.jar release 415.35 KB Apr 25, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 199 download EquipZ equip-1.5.3.jar releaseDownload
equip-1.5.2.jar release 395.97 KB Mar 24, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 1,181 download EquipZ equip-1.5.2.jar releaseDownload
EquipZ 1.5.1.jar release 394.05 KB Mar 10, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 231 download EquipZ EquipZ 1.5.1.jar releaseDownload
EquipZ 1.5.jar release 393.69 KB Feb 10, 2020 1.15.2 6,950 download EquipZ EquipZ 1.5.jar releaseDownload
EquipZ 1.4.jar release 388.60 KB Dec 18, 2019 1.15.1 3,854 download EquipZ EquipZ 1.4.jar releaseDownload
EquipZ 1.3.jar release 356.39 KB Dec 11, 2019 1.15 1,035 download EquipZ EquipZ 1.3.jar releaseDownload
EquipZ (1.14).jar release 316.18 KB Nov 14, 2019 1.14.4 2,728 download EquipZ EquipZ (1.14).jar releaseDownload



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EquipZ is a mod which adds fancy weapons with different effects to minecraft. Most of the items has there own effect on the player/entity. Craft a new set of armor to get stronger and become the strongest and greatest warrior in the whole minecraft universe!


 Huge thanks to Zoom31 for the designs





Recommendation: Install Roughly Enough Items to search for every recipe in the game





This mod is developed for Fabric.

There are no plans to develop a Forge version. 


Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in any modpacks



Ideas are welcome, just post them down in the comments


Bug Report:

Just report bugs at the github page


I love to hear what you think about my mod, so just leave a comment here!

Thank you.


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