Minecraft [Fabric] Enderporter mod 2022 download
minecraft mod [Fabric] Enderporter

[Fabric] Enderporter

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 58,511
Updated: Feb 28, 2021
Created: Jan 30, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
enderporter-1.16.5-1.0.2.jar release 98.03 KB Feb 28, 2021 1.16.5 57,075 download [Fabric] Enderporter enderporter-1.16.5-1.0.2.jar releaseDownload
Enderporter v1.0.1 for 1.16.5 release 97.90 KB Feb 24, 2021 1.16.5 1,218 download [Fabric] Enderporter Enderporter v1.0.1 for 1.16.5 releaseDownload
Enderporter v1.0.0 for 1.16.5 beta 97.95 KB Feb 6, 2021 1.16.5 218 download [Fabric] Enderporter Enderporter v1.0.0 for 1.16.5 betaDownload



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KnowYourKnot's Enderporter

Requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API (v0.30.0 or above).

This mod adds blocks and items which allow the player to teleport within or between dimensions!

New Items

Enderporter adds two new teleportation items. These are the Stable Pearl and the Portable Porter.


Shift + Right Cicking on a block will set the teleport location.


Holding the right mouse button and releasing when fully charged causes the player to teleport.


The Stable Pearl is a single-use item, but the Portable Porter is infinitely reusable! The teleport location of either can be set as many times as the player wants before teleporting.
These items can be used to teleport between different dimensions.


New Blocks

Enderporter adds… the Ender Porter!


To set the Ender Porter's teleport location, simply place a Stable Pearl or Portable Porter into the middle slot. Then to teleport, simply stand on top of the Ender Porter and hold Shift.


The Ender Porter consumes ender pearls based on the distance it transports the player.


The ender pearl slot can be refilled from the sides using hoppers.

The number of ender pearls required per block travelled can be reduced by adding Range Upgrades to the top slot.

By default, the Ender Porter will not teleport the player to another dimension. To enable this, the player has to add an Interdimensional Upgrade to the bottom slot. This also makes the Ender Porter free to use (i.e. it doesn't consume ender pearls when used).


  • Ender Porter 'balancing' can be disabled in the config by setting allow_free_travel to true. This makes all teleportation free and allows interdimensional travel without an interdimensional upgrade.
  • If free travel is disabled, then an Ender Porter with no upgrades can teleport the player 30 blocks per ender pearl. This quantity can be changed by setting blocks_per_pearl to some value other than 30.
  • The Ender Porter has a default 'charge time' of 20 ticks. This means the player has to stand on top of the porter and press shift for 20 ticks before they teleport. This can be increased or decreased by changing porter_charge_time, but the value should be kept above zero to avoid bugs.
  • A travel limit of x blocks can be imposed by changing the value of travel_limit to x. Setting this value to -1 allows players to travel any distance.
  • Travel between different dimensions can be disabled by setting allow_interdimensional_travel to false. Then, for instance, players will not be able to teleport directly between the overworld and the nether using the Ender Porter, Stable Pearl or Portable Porter.
  • Setting allow_teleport_to_void to false disables the ability to teleport below y=0 and above y=255. Then players will not be able to teleport to the nether ceiling, or to the top of structures which reach max build height.

Mod Compatibility

Enderporter works out of the box with custom Fabric dimensions, such as The Bumblezone.


Note to Mod Authors: Custom dimension names might appear buggy in the Stable Pearl/Portable Porter tooltips. This is because there is no localisation for your dimension name. This can be fixed simply by adding a localisation for dimension.[MOD ID].[DIMENSION NAME] to your lang files.


Feel free to include Enderporter in any modpack.

Thanks for playing! Feel free to comment below with any feedback or feature requests!


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