Minecraft Luke’s Spring Pack! mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Luke’s Spring Pack!

Luke’s Spring Pack!

Game Version: 1.15.1
Total Downloads: 1,076
Updated: Jan 9, 2020
Created: Jan 9, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Luke's Spring Pack v0.2 beta 8.45 MB Jan 9, 2020 1.15.1 1,076 download Luke’s Spring Pack! Luke's Spring Pack v0.2 betaDownload


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Welcome to Luke's Spring Pack!

This pack mainly impacts the environment by changing the colors of the default leaves to various shades of either pink or green. The look of the grass has now become a pastel lavender hue, and the tree logs have become a slightly pinkish shade. I also added in a custom pink/blue galaxy sky that matches the overall theme of this pack.

What colors are the trees now?

Oak, Jungle, Dark Oak, Acacia: Pink

Spruce & Birch: Spring Green

Now here is the lovely sky


Now just a quick PSA; this is the first texture pack that I've made for Minecraft so please be patient with me while I learn how to improve. As of 1/8/20, Luke's Spring Pack is on v0.2


If you'd like to support my work here you can do so here:

My Instagram: www.instagram.com/l7kee

My Paypal: l7keebusiness@gmail.com


I hope you enjoy Luke's Spring Pack! – Luke


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