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minecraft mod Petra Statue – Game Map

Petra Statue – Game Map

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 236
Updated: Mar 31, 2018
Created: Mar 31, 2018
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Petra the epic hero from Minecraft Story Mode is here!

**Warning! This map is compatible for Minecraft 1.11.2 or Minecraft 1.12.2. This map also supports multiplayer!

** Welcome to Petra statue map! In this map you have to gather the resources in the statue, and then upgrade your tool until it could break the heart. You can win this map by destroying the heart. If you don't know what to do, you can read the 'Help Book' which you get at the start of the map.

Updated things from Jesse statue map:

Petra statue map has huge changes over Jesse statue. First of all, the game progress is entirely different. You have to break almost everything outside to start mining into the statue. There are 'Shulker Boxes' which are spread out around the statue. In order to upgrade your tools, you have to grab the shulker boxes and put it inside the shop to get the upgraded merchant spawn eggs. Upgraded merchants offer shulker shells, which can be obtained by trading some material you can get at that tool level. With shulker shells, you can finally obtain the upgraded tool by the tool merchant.

Unlike Jesse statue, this map also adds the blocks you can actually place, beds which you can use it for a sleep, farming, fishing, and additional storages in the shop. You can use blocks and beds to make 'checkpoints' around the statue. You can farm and fish to gather unique resources used in trading.

There is an another statue, which is more hardcore than normal statue. This statue is more adventure/combat based rather than mining the statue all the way. It has more mob spawners which summon more mobs to kill you and has less block resources. If you are more of an adventurous type, then find it out!

There are also some minor changes like new materialsnew mobs, and endings. Find them out by playing the map!


There are four statues in this map. First is normal Petra statue, Second is huge Petra statue, third is hardcore Petra statue, and fourth is hardcore huge Petra statue. You can select between four statues at the start. The huge statue is much bigger than the normal one, and it has more mob spawners. If you want harder experience, you can try out the huge statue. If you want true hardcore experience, try out the huge hardcore Petra statue.

You have to use your "Warp Book" which you can get at the first spawn-point, to teleport between the shop and the statue. Write 'shop' (no capital) to teleport to the shop. Write 'petra' (no capital) to teleport to the normal Petra statue. Write 'petrab' (no capital) to teleport to the huge Petra statue. Write 'bpetra' (no capital) to teleport to the hardcore Petra statue. Write 'bpetrab' (no capital) to teleport to the huge hardcore Petra statue.

In the shop you can buy tools, weapons, armor, potions, and food. To buy the tools and weapons, you must use 'Compressed' versions of resources, which you have to buy from the merchant using 64 items of one resource. There is a enchant shop where you can buy enchantments for your tools using your levels. You must have enough levels to buy that enchant otherwise you will waste your levels. Make sure you have the right tool for the enchant in your hand.

Merchants 'will' disappear when you log in/out. If the merchant disappeared, you have to use the spawn egg you got from shulker boxes to respawn them. If you used all of the spawn eggs in the shulker boxes, change your mode to creative and click the spawn egg with middle mouse button to duplicate them.

When you got shulker box from the statue, go to the shop and go to the trophy room. Place the shulker box on the appropriate colored shulker box. The hidden chest should reveal and then you can get some resource, upgraded merchant eggs, and hints for next shulker box.

Spawners that contain 'Coniform' mobs (Brown head zombies) require direct sight of moonlight to spawn them.





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